Certain Auto Manufacturers have already published their sales figures of April 2013. Tesla doesn't p

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Why doesn't Tesla Motors publish monthly sales figures?
Those cars have to be registered before they can be driven anyhow.
How harmful can it be to publish monthly sales figures?


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    Partisan politics through various types of misinformation fallacies. Saves a lot of aggravation.

    But here's something for you to research, SEC requested info from Tesla on stock sales. Sounds like more partisan politics to me. Read anything on that yet ? No comment from Tesla, and the stock stopped going up since I read it.
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    @ Tesluthian

    Partisan politics by Tesla Motors?
    Could you be more detailed on this?
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    Partisan politics by John Petersen and conservatives wanted Tesla's monthly figures to throw out negative sound bites and other put downs . Quarterly numbers are better at this point to smooth out the ups and downs and give a better trend.
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    Well, as long as the monthly figures are relatively positive, then there are no negative sound bites. But instead, there will be positive sound bites (because of the positive monthly figures), which is good for the company (in many ways). And by not showing/presenting these positive sound bites, the company cannot take profit from it (positive news items do influence sales and stock prices).
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    The shorter the reporting intervals, the more companies pander to short term goals. I'd rather Tesla keep looking at the long term.
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    Tesla is a tiny fish in a huge, shark infested pond. Ford makes about 8,000 cars per DAY worldwide - about the same number of Model S' Tesla has produced in their history. Monthly numbers serve no purpose for such tiny production. Profit matters, and that will be known next week.
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    Tesla motto: "Best cars, evah!"
    Ford motto: "Searching for quality is Job 1."
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