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How do i go about buying shares in Tesla? Thanks.


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    Sign up with a stock brokerage. Plenty of them can be found online.
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    Never heard of E*trade, Ameritrade, Merrill Lynch, etc? Or, you can give me the money and I'll buy them for you minus my commission, of course. ;)
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    Maybe he is asking because some companies have a direct purchase plan so you can skip the trading fees. I do not think TSLA has this yet, though would be a nice idea.
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    a Tesla DRIP would be nice... in a couple of years.
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    A DRIP would not work as Tesla does not and is not planning to pay a dividend in the foreseeable future. Thank goodness for that policy, because they can find a better use for any loose cash than we ever will. Plus the boom will last a while because there's a whole industry to electrify, then maybe a whole world economy.

    If you are considering buying shares now, though, keep in mind that euphoria is a very poor basis for good investment decisions.
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    I'm currently paycheck to paycheck, but I finally bought a single share at 50.50.

    My plan is to keep it long term, and buy more as finances allow. 1 year out, about 25,000 Teslas on the road and expanded SuperCharger network. 5 years out, over 100,000 Teslas on the road with new Gen III coming out (yeah yeah, they say earlier, but that's how I see it). 10 years out, about a million Teslas on the road, built out SuperCharger network removing "range anxiety" even for cross country road trips. Cars that give you upcoming charging options as you drive along, actively communicating with your mobile device when away from your car, oil drenched politicians crying about it, etc etc etc.

    I also see the Federal EV incentives disappear and states taxing mileage more as EV's take over. More REAL competition from larger motor companies as they lease Tesla battery technology on more platforms, and a few even building EV's from the ground up.

    So, I'm buying to be a part of something big, not just for profit.
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    If I had bought 8x the shares I did when I did I would have already paid for my car :). What a ride....
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    Holidayday---kudos to you for getting the investment started, but if you paid a fee to buy the stock (often times $8-$10) then you'd need a 20% return owning a single stock in order to break even.

    Fortunately TSLA did better than that today alone.
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    I've been using TradeKing as my online broker since around 2010. Just $4.95 per trade and no minimum balance. Makes it a bit more economical to buy fewer shares at once. Even so, I don't buy less than $1,000 at a time to keep the fee at less than 0.5% of the order. My TSLA shares are up over 80% since I purchase less than 2 months ago. Puts my other investments to shame! Glad to see all the TSLA shorts loose lots of money by betting against this groundbreaking company.

    This rate of stock growth is certainly unsustainable, but I have great confidence in Elon's ability to lead Tesla in executing on their plan and expect that the stock price 5 years from now will be considerably higher than it is today. In the mean time, I'm glad to put my money where my mouth is regardless and ride the short term ups and downs of TSLA.
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    shorts lose lots
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    "couple of years" was meant to be in the 10-20 year time frame. Apple and Microsoft pay dividends now... a DRIP is good to get average folks involved.
    My in laws are amazing - they never owned any stock ever. After I got the S they became interested in the TM, now they visit any showroom they can find, and bought some stock and selling it for profit. Sun shines today so they buy some more and sell it for profit.... almost like day trader. What gives me a kick is that they actually listened to the earnings call yesterday.
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    +1 kashiraja!

    I'm 1/4 of the way there. ;-)
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    @ Brian H

    Short seller like me don't lose, they simply wait for an opportunity lesser than the point of exit which usually always happens by being patient ;)
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    And the short squeeze continues to unfold? Seems like more people got a margin call overnight and are forced to part with their negative ownership. The higher it goes, the more it could create an opportunity for new shorts to take up a position, if they can find shares to borrow.

    @ kilimats

    I never thought anything bad of shorts. They have their place in the financial ecosystem. In fact I think it takes a lot of courage to be short Tesla now. You have to have faith that sellers of Tesla shares will be found in large enough numbers to stall and reverse the rally or short squeeze. Bet shorts like you are really praying for bad news, anything, for the lack of which Tesla has been especially cruel lately. As for me, shorting crossed my mind in the fall of 2008, but the only thing I will ever short is put options, making me long (but with limited upside). Other than that I am patiently waiting for a possible buying opportunity of Tesla stock at some time in the future. So I can't hate shorts, because maybe they can help drive down the price to something I would be ready to pay, hopefully something ridiculously low if it doesn't threaten the company, because I dream of owning a model S carload of shares Tesla, frunk included!
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    Gee, what a way to ruin my punchline... you will have understand that I added the word "Tesla" in the wrong place and meant to say:

    "because I dream of owning a model S carload of Tesla shares, frunk included!"

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    I just opened a share builder account a week ago, and had my eye on Teslsa for the last few months now. Keep in mind that I've never bought or sold stock in my life before.

    I finally decided to take the plunge a few days ago and bought 20 shares @$62. They had their earnings report that same night, next morning share shot up to almost $75.

    I regret not buying $20k worth of shares, but with the way this company is going, it looks like I should pull the trigger now @$75 per share and just wait a year.

    What do you guys think?

    Will shares continue to steadily increase? How high can it really go?
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    Alright everybody...time for some freshly "SQUEEZED" homemade Tesla orange juice!
    Thank you Elon for coming through and rocking my 401K. Now keep rocking the car world and crush the shorts!
    I'm already getting in line for the model X.
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    "steadily" is unlikely; TSLA has been rather volatile. But on average it should pace the fundamentals, which look positive as far as the eye can see.
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    Another day of 8%+ increase! Lots of buying pressure the first hour or two of trading. $78 -- whoda thunk?
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    Correction, 12%+. That makes almost 100% YTD ‼
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    At this rate $150 by the end of the year. Tesla printing dramatically better, year over year numbers every quarter. In the sweet spot of this ramp up phase, coming off a low base. How sweet it is.
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    3 years ago (right around IPO of TSLA), I had this conversation with my friends/family... I'm going to buy some shares of TSLA and have this help pay for part of this awesome car that I think will completely change the industry (they thought I was carzy). Over the period of time, I've added slowly to my holdings (wish I had done far more), then finally did my first sale of some of my TSLA shares yesterday (@ $70, and kicking myself for it, though I've still got about 60% of my original holdings). This is not to say that everyone here should expect that the TSLA shares is the right gamble for owning this car. It is your personal choice!

    In short, I've just switched from Model X reservation holder to Model S "buyer" as of today! :)

    Hoping to see many more great things to come from TSLA over the next 3-5 years (and beyond).

    Moral of the story: shorts are loosing their shirts!
    (or is it: "I told you so!") :)
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    @ Tesluthian,

    It could well be $150 by the end of next week! Although probably only briefly...
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    Fast Money guy on CNBC says don't short Tesla, could be going to a $100 shortly ! Even finally upgraded it to a buy (from a hold ).
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    No one ever lost money taking a little profit. You also were wise not to sell your entire position at once. Anyways congratulations, eventually you may get to ten times return on your investment with Tesla.

    Also known as a ten bagger/ten bagger (ten times return on investment, see link).

    What a great company.
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