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Mass production model

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I'm sure the idea has been proposed (maybe even in one of these forum discussions), but I wonder if Tesla is planning to develop a smaller, more economical model in the future. The Model S is amazing and I REALLY WANT ONE but I can't afford it. If Tesla could develop a vehicle in the $30-40K range, I feel like they would sell like hotcakes. I'm envisioning a car that is about the size of a Prius, but that's rear (or all)-wheel drive and not embarrassing to be seen in ;)

I think I have seen virtually every youtube video on Tesla. Their Fremont CA plant consists largely of unused space which hopefully indicates that they plan to bring a mass-production model to the market place. A smaller, relatively inexpensive car that retains the performance and range of the model S would absolutely be my next car


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    I think it's a secret.
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    I think this subject has been discussed ad nauseam. Use and search for Blue Star. The name of the car you are talking about is already on the R&D pipeline and is code named BlueStar; it will probably start production a few years after the Model X (around 2017). However, it will not be an inexpensive mass production car as the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris. It will more likely compete directly with the likes of BMW 3 series, which I think is a pretty reasonable priced vehicle. The Nissan Leaf will probably, by then, have much greater range and also be much more affordable along the lines of today's Fit or Yaris.
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    It is also called Gen III.

    While I do think it will be a good step forward, I still think it will be a somewhat expensive car with a $30k base price, but who knows; maybe Tesla will surprise us and the base price will be lower.

    However, since it's supposed to go into production before 2020, the battery capacity per dollar will still be kind of expensive. So I expect that the price will increase quite a bit once you start adding options, or else maybe the range won't be as good as the Model S.

    I expect that it will be ten years or more before we get a really mass market Tesla.
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    Car prices will go up in general... So in 2017 todays $30k will be something around $36k - my bet would be a price range of $40k to $70k in 2017. If they get the efficiency just up by 20% ( weight, tires, cross section ) then a $60kWh battery would have the same range as the MS with 85kWh battery. The 60 starts today at $63k... so they have to cut the cost in half. Gross margin of 25% by year end is the first step.
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    About 1 day after I posted that, I learned about the gen 3. Thanks for the feedback. If I had invested 5 grand in Tesla stock 6 months ago, I'd be driving a model S right now. Oh well.
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    it was $30/share 6 month ago and today $90, 3 times more

    $5k investement would be $15k today, a $20k minim investment would be a free basic model S today
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    Maybe he's talking about put options. Their multiple is much higher.
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    Duh. Correction, call options.
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    Brian - I hope you are not managing my stock...
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