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What about older, 30-amp RV connections for charging?

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I'm still learning about charging (I don't own a Tesla...yet!). I used to own an RV that had, I think, a 110v 30-amp connection. Any RV park has that kind of connection. I don't see it in the list of supported connections, however. Anyone considering RV parks as emergency charging stations?


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    Use to search RV and KOA; it's common. Not as useful in winter, but very frequently relied on.
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    Most RV parks have both 30 and 50 amp connections. As you state the 30 amp is 110, the 50 is 240. The 50 is also a NEMA 14-50 which is the standard delivered with the car.

    There are some older parks that only have 30 amp service, I would skip them and find a location with 50 amp. The difference in speed of charging is like a factor of 4 or 5.
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    In season you will be begging RV owners to barrow their 14-50 plug in the Midwest. I guess no one camps on the West coast. I have already used my TT-30 home made adapter because the 14-50s where all in use. My wife and I were camping so 12 hours was enough time to get the charge we needed. Between the hiking and sleeping there was no waiting.

    I showed the adapter to the service manager here in St. Louis and he is going to suggest one be made to management. I'd rather use official adaptors then risk forgetting to turn down the amps and tripping a breaker that I might not be able to reset in some of the really old campgrounds.

    A typical over the counter RV 14-50 to TT-30 adapter does NOT work.

    This thread is the one you want.
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    I hope Tesla does make a TT-30 adapter. If they do they might remove the 20a max charging restriction they have when charging at 120v.
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    Instructions for making a home made TT-30 adapter are here: Made Adapters.pdf
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    Btw, TT-30s are found lots of places, not just RV parks. Marinas for ship to shore power. Temporary venues for powering vendor trailers. Large corporate parking lots for temporary trailer power.
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