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The Tesla Psychosis



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    @Rocky_H Insane people never appreciate what normal people think. You just happen to be married to a sane person :)
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    Thanks for the bump. I had not seen this, and it's a lovely post with ever so many wonderful responses.

    I too look for excuses to drive the car, on the highway or the street, doesn't matter. Typical conversation in our household: "John, can you pick up the dog from the groomers/day care"? "Sure, honey, I'm on my way!"

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    Gotta wonder how (@rch1708 on May 21, 2013) is doing after all these years.

    God blessed us with 3 sons and we had a few near misses with 2 of them in their early years. They're all in their 40's, married with lots of grand kids for us to enjoy now. Just can't imagine what I would have done if I lost one of my children at such an early age.

    Tesla's Model S is one of those things that gives a momentary-exhilarating break from such a lose.... and it does it on a daily basis!
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    Anyone else with a spouse sick and tired of hearing about Tesla? Or are you blessed with a spouse who has been equally cursed?
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    My spouse thinks I'm a dork. He says I should go work for Tesla.

    But he knows if he or any of our friends want to know something about the company or car, I probably know the answer, or know where to get it. ;-)
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    @sbeggs . . . yes you are! And yes you should ;-)

    @KP in NPT . . . my spouse is of a similar mind as your spouse. I get the "You should work for Tesla. A lot."

    But I think I already do, at least as an amateur.
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