Looking for Roadster UMC for Sale or Borrow

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I purchased a used Roadster about a month ago, which came with the wall unit that will go in my garage someday, but I'm still working on getting the garage built and don't really want to install the wall unit outdoors. To bridge the gap, I put in a NEMA 14-50 and bought a UMC and thought my problem was solved. But the UMC turned out to be faulty, and apparently it's not easy to get a replacement, they are "back-ordered" and I don't know when they will become available again. So currenly I'm living on a 110 outlet. Not so much fun.

So I am looking for anyone who has a Roadster UMC that they are willing to sell, or willing to loan to me until Tesla is able to replace the UMC I bought with a good one, or until I get my garage built and wall unit installed, whichever comes first.

Email me at rmacchi1 at tampabay.rr dot com


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