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Shareholders meeting June 4

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I'm planning to go, and will drive my Model S from Los Angeles up to Mountain View.

Anyone else interested? Maybe a caravan?


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    Just curious, is it usually possible for even those with a modest number of shares to attend such meetings? Reservations required? Are they one-day events? Do the major holders sit up front, peons to the rear? Does it cost money to get in? Dress code? Food? Do all the shareholders get invites?

    I would like to go, never have been interested in a shareholder's meeting before, except Apple's maybe. Any info would be appreciated.
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    I've only got a handful of shares and I got an invite. Still debating whether to go or not as its a bit of a journey.
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    if the shareholders are interested get negotiations going with FORD AUSTRALIA as well as the victorian and federal goverment to get operations started up here in australia as there is a big opening just been shown look at this

    i say you would be welcomed with open arms here
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    Mebbe the Oz. gov will "buy" the plant, turn it over to the unions, and let them manage themselves. Like GM. Win-win-lose.
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    @carlgo Those are all real good questions. To say I am clueless would be to overstate my knowledge. If I learn anything, I'll post.

    @Vawlkus You received an invite? I just bought shares a month ago, but I haven't received anything. ??? Again, color me clueless.

    And if there were a caravan, could the charging stations handle it?
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    I've been curious about the shareholders meeting as well. I've never been to one, I'd love to go but I am a long way from there.

    If anyone goes, please post about the meeting here.
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    If its a general shareholders meeting, having even one share of TM would give you the right to attend and, in most cases, even speak at the meeting.
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    You must be registered with the company as a shareholder. Not hard to do.
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