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I often have people asking about the location of the batteries and the motor Although I always have a picture of the chassis to show people it is not really very satisfactory

I would like to suggest a project for some who has perhaps just acquired a 3d printer and might be looking for something to 3d print How about fabricating a small model (perhaps 4 inches ) of the Tesla S chassis I am sure I would not be the only one who would be happy to buy such a model It would be great to keep it in my car for show and tell


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    I like it. I wish somebody went even further and sold a scale model kit (1/18th or 1/12th scale are my favorites) of Model S. That would get me back into a hobby I have enjoyed at several periods of my life

    I went to the opening of the King of Prussia (suburban Philadelphia) store last week. They had 2 cars on the floor, but the best feature was a Tesla chassis with battery, motor and the bits located under the Frunk liner. My wife and I both thought it was intriguing, amazingly solid looking and a thing of elegant beauty. It showed us, in a very striking and tangible way, the fascinating underpinnings of what we have been riding on since February. We weren't expecting it but we were both very happy that Tesla chose to present "the skateboard" publicly that way. I took many pictures of it.

    I have seen pictures of the chassis presented that way on the Tesla web site. Seeing it "in person" informed us in a way pictures could not, though I would recommend the pictures in the interim while waiting for a 3D model. They do give a fairly good idea of unconventional frame and drive train of the Model S. You might want to print them on photo paper and keep them in the glove compartment.

    Sorry I can't provide a solution to your request. Just wanted to suggest that a picture is worth a thousand words, so even in 2D, they would help the uninitiated grasp the concept. I wonder how many words a 3D rendering is worth. Good luck, and thanks for the suggestion. I too would like to have a scale version of even that much of the Model S.
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    Yep, and sell them for cost+$5 to looky-loos! You'd pay for your charging no sweat.
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    I found this company a couple years back and ordered an iPhone case, was very happy. Super cool business model: product designs are crowdsourced but shapeways manages the sales, production and distribution (at least that's how I think it works).

    So, anyone who can produce a cad drawing of the chassis can then sell the produt you are describing. Would love it if they also came up with a drop in console for the front, and something like a back seat center console (either floor mount or seat mount, with cup holders and storage for the little ones in the back seat)...
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    Tesla has all this data in spades. The key is getting some of the nerds over there excited about jobbing it out to a shop. The only hang up I can think of is that they would be providing physically accurate bits to people which may present a problem. It really should not as they are shipping 100% to scale examples to the world but engineers are funny about IP.
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    I have a 3D printer but suck at design, if you give me the file, I'll print it... :)
  • That’s a great idea! I also found something that can be created out of 3D printer which you can use for your car. Take a look at this example by Isohook Anssi Blomqvist of Finland. This is must-have for your car.
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    Just send your files and they will 3d print them:

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    thanks for information
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