Where to charge up between Houston and Dallas???

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Anyone know of a place to charge quickly between Houston and Dallas? I haven't taken a long drive since I bought my Model S. Would I just use the 50 amp at an RV Park, or do you know of some other places I can go until they announce the Supercharger network?


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    I'm planning a trip from Houston to Dallas next weekend - which will be about 280 miles from point-to-point - too far to realistically make with a P85 on a single charge.

    There appear to be a few RV parks on the way - but because they won't charge quickly - I'll probably go in an ICE instead of my MS.

    I'm hoping the long-promised supercharger announcement will be this week - and announce a Dallas-Houston supercharger is up and operational - and give me a last minute reprieve from having to take an ICE on the trip.
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    There's not much. One option is a Blink charger at Market Street in The Woodlands -- downtown Dallas is about 210 miles from there. If you left from downtown Houston you'd probably need a couple hours of charging in the Woodlands to get back to full (food, shopping...).

    I recently took the same trip (from the Woodlands). Of note -- the WIND makes a difference! I did great getting to Dallas (driving with the wind) -- had fifty miles of range left and generally went at or close to the speed limit the whole way.

    Heading back to Houston (driving into the wind) was a different story. Went the same speeds but quickly realized I was not getting the same mileage. Drafted behind a slow-moving WalMart truck for about 25 miles to gain some reserve back. Made it fine -- but you have to pay attention!
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    There is an RV park in Madisonville that has a 50amp hookup. I think it was Home on the Range RV Park (they have a seafood restaurant). I didn't end up making the trip up to Dallas last weekend after all, so let me know if you try them. a 50amp (nema 14-50) hookup will give you plenty of charge if you have lunch there.
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