$55 Voucher Towards MyPlates

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Thought I would share, incase any Texas soon-to-be owners were interested in a specialty plate. This was posted in the Austin/San Antonio Area Tesla Owners group from the Domain Tesla team:

lauren.mclean May 28 (22 hours ago)
"Hello my friends!

It's Lauren from the Domain.

We just had a great sales guy come in from MYPLATES.COM - he gave us a couple of coupons for specialty plate orders. $55 voucher.
- visit www.myplates.com/newcar
- fill out information to receive their redemption code via email
- once you get the code, order your new personalized plate

If you need any of the real vouchers, stop on by! (and we have plenty of pens from MyPlates.com)

- Lauren"

I have the black plate with white star on the left and it looks great on my blue Model S. BTW- you don't have to get a "vanity" plate (specific letters/numbers) to get these plates. You can order a "design/background only" plate with a random number. Many colors/designs available. They'll send the plate to the tax assessor nearest you and you pick it up when you register your car.


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    dang...where were you when i ordered mine in November!
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    I feel ya.. I ordered mine 3 months ago.. and didn't have this back then.
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    Thanks - I used it...it works! It will get you $55 off any order of plates. And, for you liberty/libertarian-minded folks, the Gadsden flag - 'Don't Tread On Me' license plate is available in Texas.
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    More like "NO TESLA for TEXAS"
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