To raise over 10 billion in revenues for $10k-$15k tax credits for EVs under 40k, how would you do i

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The point is not to raise the the Federal debt, while at the same time funding a higher EV tax credit (10k to 15k tax credit ), for lower priced all electric cars under $40,000 selling price.

There are various ways of funding this, some categories include:

1) Change a policy.

For example, have a corporate overseas profits tax change , allow corporations to bring back overseas profits to the U.S. at 15%, or 5 % if the company proves it used the money to built a new plant or create new jobs.

New revenues raised 100 billion the 1st year. 10 billion a year thereafter, not including the taxes also generated from 1/4 trillion new dollars coming into the economy over the next 10 yrs. Cost to implement $0.

2) Various "high quality" stimulus type programs.

For example, build one trillion dollars of much needed toll roads in highly congested areas, ALL paid for by private corporations. These toll roads include the congested areas of Los Angeles, the Mexico to Canada "North American Free Trade (NAFTA) "highway project; and a 2nd I-95 Corridor from S. Maine to Jacksonville, Fl.

Short Term Temporary Cost: 1 trillion plus financing cost at historic lows.
Long Term Cost: Nothing, sell the roads to private companies at a total profit of $200 billion to the Government. The private companies maintain and run the toll roads at no cost to the Government.

New revenues raised, 10 to 100 billion a year from the 1 trillion building stimulus.

3) Mandate

For example post federal online punishment budgets, per Obama campaign idea never implemented. Perhaps putting all federal budgets online, as Obama suggested is not practical yet. But for starters use it as punishment for departments that financially misbehave may improve money discipline. Anyone could look up the budget for that department online, and make budget improvement suggestions. The state of Iowa may already have started this with their state budget.

Costs to implement would come out of the offending departments budget. A good candidate to start with is the famous Las Vegas junket a government dept recently took and posted a party video about.

Money raised guesstimate to come in at 10 billion a year in savings (less than 1% of the budget), as scandalous federal departments are forced to publicly publish their budgets. This would also incentivize all departments to waste less funds.

4) Everyone's favorite, budget cuts of waste, fraud, abuse, etc and reapplied toward increasing EV credits. First you have to find it.

For example, 3 day a week mail delivery, helps save money bailing out the post office. Money saved guesstimate 1 billion over 10 years. Cost to implement, marginal.

Since this is a public policy area, passion and conviction is ok but hateful words and speech of any induvidual or organization is not, be positive and constructive for ideas.
All ideas welcomed, they don't have to fit any particular mold. Try to raise at least 10 billion in new revenues. Don't forget to figure in cost of implementing your plan.


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    This would address the criticism that high quality desirable EVs are not affordable. At least in the near term (next 5 yrs), till production of EVs gets ramped up .

    Hower if your against any form of subsidy, and still have an idea, just so state if you submit an idea, that's fine by me. Just explain where you would rather apply the savings, to the deficit, tax cuts, or other ?
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