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Since TX is adamant about complicating the purchase process, I am curious if a volunteer group of Tesla owners could help support the buying process where Tesla is otherwise not allowed or not well structured.

The actual impact on the buying process is actually fairly minimal ... if you know what to do. Tesla does a decent job of supporting the process during the final stages of delivery, but change is always difficult and people at large are used to having their sales person complete everything on their behalf. All the information is available online and the process is easy enough, but a phone call or email from someone who has gone through the process could help remove some of the discomfort I know many buyers will have.

I would personally be more than willing to talk to 2-3 prospective buyers a week if it helped further the EV cause (and my TSLA share value). If enough of us were willing, it might actually help if it was organized and structured well.

I haven't thought through this in any more detail and not sure how you would refer buyers to the group, but I figured I would throw it out there for discussion. Thoughts?


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    The process is now so straight forward, that it's really a no-brainer. I'm kind of thinking that by making a big deal out of it, more folks will be put-off than not.
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    Jerry - I agree - people are blowing this out of proportion.

    While there are a few more steps in registering the car - this may be balanced out by advantages in the Tesla process. Ordering the car through the website is pretty easy. Plus having the car delivered directly to your house is a benefit.

    The big effect of the dealership laws is that the Tesla Galleries can't talk about price or help you with ordering the car and it appears you cannot directly call the local Service Centers - calls seem to be routed through Tesla HQ. And these aren't really that big of a deal...
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    You guys might be right. I would consider myself an early adopter and change comfortable person, but even I had to simply trust the process at times ... which is something that will outright kill mass adoption. I guess time will tell.
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    The biggest problem I had back in January was with Tesla's process - not the steps to register with my county, pay the sales tax, or get the car inspected - while I wouldn't have had to do that with a car purchased from a dealer - those activities didn't really take too long - and it was an interesting experience watching the inspector's face when I asked him to take a look at the engine and exhaust during his inspection...

    At least in January, Tesla's process had multiple documents being shipped overnight with FedEx. They didn't provide any notification of when the documents were shipped - they just popped up at my front door. Unfortunately, I was out of time several times during that period - and the envelopes would sit there for a day or two until I got back. If I'd known they were coming, would have had someone pick them up or reroute them to the local FedEx Office.

    Hopefully they've fixed that problem now - and provide tracking numbers when each item has been shipped...
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    My car was delivered Mar 2, by that time there wasn't any problem with knowing when the papers were coming. The main delay was with PenFed, and it took a couple of tries to get everything to Tesla. This wasn't anyone's fault as far as I can tell (other than mine for not starting the process sooner--but with PenFed you only have 90 days before you have to go through it again and so you don't want to pull the trigger too early).
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