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Model S vs. Model X size comparison

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Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone have seen an actual size comparison between the Model S and Model X? Does anyone have a picture of the two cars next to each other? Are there some official size specs on the Model X yet?

I currently own a BMW X5 and want to replace that with the Model X (in.. sadly... 2015 when they are able to deliver). But the Model S is not a very big car and since they use the same platform for the Model X I don't see how the Model X can be bigger? (just taller..?).

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    Ang there it is... As I suspected the cars have the same width (and probably the same length?). So the only real difference is the height.

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    I've read that the X is supposed to be a bit longer as well. I can't remember where though, sorry.

    I'm confused though as the Model S is both longer and wider in every measurement than the BMW X5. Why would the Model X be too small?
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    Here are the measurements from the Spec page of both vehicles...

    Model S - Length: 116.5" (wheelbase) 196" (overall)
    Width 65.4" (front track) 66.9" (rear track) 77.3" (overall w/mirrors folded)
    BMW X5 - Length 115.5" (wheelbase) 191.1" (overall)
    Width 64.7" (track) 76.1" (overall)

    Sorry, no official specs have been released for the Model X yet but I would assume it will be at least as large as the Model S.

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    It seems like the following page has unofficial dimensions for the X. For now probably as good as it gets.
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    Thanks a lot for the info guys. Good news all the way for me :) Model X reservation complete =D

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    Do Model X have the camera on the trunk so that it will be saver for backwardness of the car? That means you can ensure there has nothing in the back before you move your car.
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    No specs for the X have been listed yet, but I would assume that it would have a reverse camera as it will likely be specced similarly to the S.
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    My cousin has the x5 I've seen two production prototypes at elon musks press event. I can safely say its more than big enough to replace your x5 faster too. Back seats more usable too! Also flat floor means more space! Also you can walk into SUV easier!
  • I'm surprised and a bit disappointed kulvik, when you say "the Model S is not a very big car". By European and Australian standards it is a monster.
    While I'd love to have a Tesla for the environment and the advanced technology, the massive size is a big turn off.
    Something about the size of a Subaru Impreza or a VW Golf would be much more suited to driving in our countries.
    How about it Tesla?
  • @accentcreate. Tesla's Model 3 will be about the size of a BMW 3-Series. In the US, it is supposed to have a starting price of $35,000 and go at least 200 miles (322 kilometers) on a full charge. If everything goes as planned, it will be available sometime in early 2017.
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    Of course, today's 3-Series cars are at least the size of 5-Series from yesteryear... And pretty close even to the size of a 7-Series from 25 years ago... And tremendously larger than a Golf today.

    I think it unlikely that Tesla Motors will offer an <i>'econobox'</> form factor vehicle within the next five or six years. There might be a hothatch/3-door coupe version of the Model ≡, I suppose. But I'd see that maybe of the Acura Integra/RSX size, instead of a Golf, if it appeared at all.

    Check the dimensions of the <a href=""><b>BMW 3-Series Sedan, Wagon, and Gran Turismo</b></a> versions for an idea of what Model ≡ sizing may be like. Though really, I expect the Tesla Motors products to be a bit wider, and up to 300 lbs heavier. Sedan and Crossover versions are probably a lock, with a Wagon in the pipeline, and a Cabriolet/Coupe as low, low priorities for Tesla Motors Generation III vehicles.
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    Ford Falcon / Tesla S

    Overall length
    4949 / 4970

    Overall width
    1868 / 1964

    Overall height
    1494 / 1445

    2838 / 2960
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    @Miggy - Units?
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    It would seem to me that the units are millimetres.
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    Correct it is in millimetres, sorry should have said. taken off both websites of Ford and Tesla.
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    I inquired at the dealership and they informed me the Model X is 198" in length.
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    Yes, Elon said it is 2 inches longer than the Model S.
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    any actual numbers for the width? I need with mirrors open and folded.
    I have a narrow garage door
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    maybe the size with mirrors open is not a crucial element, as the car should be able to enter and leave the garage by itself (keeping you outside in the rain ;)) )
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    @Lubdub - Yes. Lyon over at saw a spec sheet at the service center.

    Overall length: 198"
    Overall width (mirrors extended): 89.4"
    Overall height (doors closed): 66.3"
    Ground clearence: 7.2"
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    any idea what the width is with mirrors folded?
    I will need to fold them to get into garage and hopefully out too.
    are these measurements wider than MS?
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    The MS is 77 inches will the MX really be 12 inches wider?
    that is a truck
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    Model S is 86.2 with mirrors out so X is only 3 inches wider.

    So 10 inches taller but only 3 inches wider. Hoping it still looks hot like the S in person.
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    I saw something on TMC that said 82" with mirrors folded, but I apologize for not bookmarking it.
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