Good spot for handgun

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I realize that Tesla owners might have a lower propensity of handgun ownership / carry in their cars, but I'm still hoping that someone has some good ideas on where to keep a handgun in the minimalist interior of the Model S. And at the very least, I figured the TX forum was the place to ask :-)

For now, mine is relegated to the glove box, but I have gotten used to carry it in the center console of my old car. That option obviously doesn't exist. The drop-in console might solve this issue, but in the meantime I'm curious if anyone have any ideas.

I've tried the shelf under the main screen, but it is a little too visible for my preference. I also tried to hang a belt holster off the "kangaroo pouch", but that didn't work at all.



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    How about the pocket on the front of the drivers seat if it's not too big.
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    That's the one I call "kangaroo pouch" and it didn't work for me :-(

    Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    There's a kangeroo pouch on the driver's seat? Is that new?
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    No, but it's only comes with leather seats.
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    Could you put velcro on the holster and then Velcro under the dash under the steering wheel and hide it under that space? Seems like you could easily access and remove that way.
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    I carry mine on my person most of the time, but I have placed it in UNDER the shelf with a cap on top. Something behind that that is heavy enough to keep it in place works fine. I seem to accumulate enough crap in between the seats that stability isn't much of a problem. :-D
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