NY State Proposal to BAN Tesla Registration

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"New York Auto Dealers Try To Make Registering Tesla Cars Illegal: BREAKING"

Isn't democracy great!



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    This cannot stand. New Yorkers, unite: call your representatives in the state house today!
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    Already called...... Enough already.... those big 3 will do anything to prevent Tesla from making it!

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    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    - Mahatma Gandhi

    Tesla has
    clearly entered the "they fight you" stage.
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    New York state residents can find contact info for their state assembly member and state senator here:
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    the strange way of dealing in the state.

    I'm a canadian but live very close from de states. I can ear every where from your President, BUY AMERICAN BUY AMERICAN help us moving out of the crises.

    Now you have a pretty exclusif product who s is TESLA. Tesla is 100% american, and wha t s happening instead of helping the compagny to expand, states vote laws again the free enterprise.

    Tesla is the best car and every body know it, but if the governement act like this people will buy german car BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES or japaness car.

    Dealer are so afraid of TESLA they do everything they can to stop TESLA.

    I'm not american but I'm proud of your product and enjoy driving my tesla P85, but I'm sad about the attitude of your governement.

    Good luck
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    I am proud of Elon Musk and all that he stands for. Surely he is a game changer for a new way of doing business. I do support the way he has built this new company and stayed focus on getting it off the ground, to rave review;However,the time has come to fight the political battle. This is one that i know he(we) can win. First of all, The President(Obama)pledged to accelerate America's resources to fund new renewable energy sources. Secondly, there's a ground swell of consumer support for this new technology. The final piece of the "pie" is to contact local politicians while at the same time Tesla finding a Lobbyist group to "walk the halls" of Capitol Bldgs to engage them and get their commitments.
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    I have already contacted all my State Representatives. This is ridiculous!
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    CalDreamin +1
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    Gandhi quote: +1. Looks exactly that.
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    I think the issue of direct sales, including Internet communications, etc will be decided in Federal Court. Forbidding registration of autos bought out of state also will be challenged. In the end, Tesla will have to make compelling products at mass market prices.

    Where is OPEC when we need them. Nothing like an oil embargo like back in 1973. Gas lines at the pump. Odd and even days for gas based on the license plate. Now, even the Iranians have mellowed out. They all want to play on XBox, eat food from Pizza Hut and drink Coke.
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    Yeah. The federal government has the exclusive right to regulate interstate commerce. New York can't prohibit registration of cars bought in other states, and they can't impose a duty on cars bought out of state. (They can charge sales tax on the car, because sales tax on cars in paid based on where you live, not on where you buy the car - a weird legal quirk specific to cars).
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    Bubba: regarding the potential for supply shock:

    Imagine the US were to get involved in a civil war in a small and relatively inconsequential country in the middle east. Let's say non-oil countries and entities like Turkey, Jordan, Al Qaeda and Sunni extremists are on "our" side, and Iran and Russia on the other side.

    Just for the sake of argument, lets call the country Syria...

    Obama really is into the green tech revolution. He'll do anything to stimulate Tesla sales.
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    TFMethane, Yes, conflict with Syria is possible - but not likely - and ultimately with Iran + with Russia in the background, to maintain hegemony over the Middle Easter oil supplies. The Iranians may be able to block the Straits of Hormuz temporarily, by they will be quickly swept away by the US since Russia of today is just a shadow of USSR in relative terms. However, years of asymmetric war would continue.

    Obama is not stupid in this regard. He does not want another resource sucking war. Chick Hawk Kerry is the one doing the warmongering and wants to get involved in somebody's civil war. I think the US will supply some guns and ammo to the rebels, but it is will stay local.

    Another reason for mass deployment of electric vehicles.
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    Perhaps this is true, but if so, why have we been told that we have to pay California sales tax on a Model S picked up at the factory?
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    Because CA is desperate for money to waste.
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    The NY bill has been set aside, so earliest action now would be January, next session.
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    Here's the today's tweet from Elon Musk:

    "The kill Tesla bill in NY was stopped in the 11th hour due to public outcry. Am super grateful to everyone who helped."
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    Well done people of New York! Proof that you are being listened to, even without a FISA warrant...
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    Keep voting Republican
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