Beyond SC's and battery swapping......(way beyond!)

edited June 2013 in Roadster
In a recent article about drone aircraft, one manufacturer is now claiming the ability the somehow charge the drone's batteries while it is flying.

When Tesla develops, refines and enhances this cutting-edge technology, they will install towers along side freeways and byways throughout the land. When your car senses that a recharge might be advisable, it will ask your navigation system to plot routes passing one or more nearby towers where your battery will be charged as you cruise by. One roadside tower will charge cars going either direction. Towers at intersections will charge cars going in any directions.

No stopping, not even slowing down!

No need to exit your car in hot, cold, wet, or snowy weather!

No need to ever feel insecure at remote SC's!

No need to ever worry about late night stops to recharge!

No battery swaps needed!

No waiting at SC's!

No more getting ICE'd at charging stations!

No range anxiety!

Just remember, when this is the highlight of one of Elon's forthcoming announcements, you heard it here first!
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