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Electrician familiar with Tesla in Southern California?

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Does anyone have a referral to an electrician in Southern California who installed 240 in your house or garage that is NOT the one referred by Solar City? We are trying to get a comparative quote and would appreciate your help.




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    I would think you could just call any electrician. Installing 240 is a trivial exercise for anyone in the business. (It's also easy enough for any reasonably skilled amateur, if the local authorities don't stand in your way.)
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    Installing 240 is exactly the line of demarcation for DIY repairs IMO. I would never recommend this.

    Big wires, big amps, big trouble. Read up on something as simple as pulling a meter! I used to do this all the time until I found out the dangers. No wonder my old boss always made me do it. Guess I wasn't such a valuable employee when I was young. Never, ever again.

    You had better hope the building inspector stands in your way in this instance. I have circumvented them before, I confess, but would not for this procedure. BTW, if you have the utility cut the power they won't always turn it back on without a signed-off inspection.

    The risk/reward ratio is 'way off in this case, not at all worth it. If you can afford a Tesla, you can afford to pay somebody who knows what they are doing. This is not a slumlord rewire project.
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    what area are you in? Call Mr. Electric
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