Waco, Texas - Help on Charging Option near downtown?

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I am driving my Model S from Dallas to Waco this weekend for a family get together at the Courtyard Marriott down on the Brazos in downtown. I can easily get there of course but need a place to charge. I can't find even a wall outlet outside at the hotel, nearby convention center, nearby Hilton, etc. Anyone have any suggestions walking distance to the hotel? There is a charger at a walgreens not far away but then I'd have to go sit at Walgreens for 2 hours away from the family, which makes the electric car a nuisance instead of great/clean/fun, in which case I think I'll default to the ICE car.

Anyone charged at a Nissan dealer? How long would it take to go from about 110 miles back to a full range charge? I'm guessing a few hours, which isn't great if its not an overnight/walkable option (in Waco the Nissan dealer is miles from the hotel).

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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    Some Nissan dealers are fine with charging and others won't even let Leafs that were purchased at a different dealer charge there. No idea which category the Waco Nissan dealer fits in.

    It's 118 miles to Waco from my house, so doing a range charge and driving conservatively on the way there should get you back without actually requiring a charge. You can charge at the Walgreens for an hour to pick up some range to offset the vampire. (assumes 85 kWh battery)
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    When I go on trips, I try to go to RV parks because they charge faster than most public chargers.
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    Plugshare shows an outlet at the Waco Chamber of Commerce, which looks like it's about .2 miles from your hotel. There's not much info about what power the plug is, though.. so I'd guess it's probably a 110v. Using this overnight would only get you about 30 miles back, but might make the difference.

    Can someone from your family pick you up/drop you at the Walgreens?

    Too bad that the Waco/Temple Supercharger isn't up and running like we expected by the end of June.
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    sounds like I'm too late to help your initial question given the timing of my response, but I've dealt with the same issue in my Model S out of Dallas traveling to Waco. The Waco Chamber of Commerce says they have a charging outlet which is technically correct, but its a free 110v plug in that showed charging on my S at ~1 mile per hour. I guess somebody needs to tell them their "outlet" is basically worthless. I actually found a wall plug in a parking garage at Baylor while I was over there for a couple hours and pulled ~3 miles per hour and then made the drive back to dallas fine.....although i did hug the back end of a 18 wheeler every once in a while for the draft. God help us until the supercharger goes in between waco and dallas.
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    Hi guys - post-trip report back: First road trip and car was great. Drove just above the speed limit (which varied 65 to 75). Car had 209 miles when I left Dallas (60kwh) and 99 when I parked at the hotel in downtown Waco. Distance is 99 miles so it used only slightly over the rated distance even with the speed so all good. My hotel actually let me plug in overnight and it pulled about 4 miles per hour of charge from a 110v so I was happy. I had 145 miles when I left the hotel, drove straight home and had 35 when I parked in my garage.

    On the way down, I did stop at the Blink charger at the Outlets and Hillsboro shopping center. Its $1/hour (assuming you join, which is free) and gave 15 miles per hour of charge. Shopping center is pretty dead and a fairly long walk to starbucks though, fyi. I didn't need it so we just confirmed it worked and left after 10 minutes.
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