Window tint in Houston. How much and which windows?

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Roughly how much should I expect to pay for good window tinting? And are people tinting only the four side windows, or the back/hatch window as well?

Thanks everyone!


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    I paid 375 for ceramic tint (xpert tint beltway and 59S). All windows except the windshield. No panoramic. I have been very happy with the heat blocking and quality of the job.
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    I'm tinting all windows. It gets really hot with the pano roof here in Houston. I'm scheduled for installation of the Photosync/SAT film at EVS motorsports. Its got the highest heat rejection properties of any film, and actually transitions a little darker with sun exposure. Whereas ceramic films reject about 60% of heat, the Photosync rejects 80-90% of heat coming through the windows.
    Expect to pay abit more though. $650 all around, including the back hatch. $250 for the front windshield, $200 for the pano roof.

    $350-375 is about right for ceramics.
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    I paid $350 for ceramic film at Executive Tint on Hillcroft, xmhouston.com. They did a good job - no issues so far. Side windows and back/hatch. It reduced the heat levels in the car somewhat, but Houston is just plain hot!

    I made several calls and the $350-$400 range seemed to be the "sweet spot" for ceramic film. There were at least two or three higher-priced options including 3M-brand film and the aforementioned transitioning film.
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    I haven't installed the window tinting for my P85 with the pano - and the heat really hasn't been a huge problem. Using the smartphone app, I can vent the roof and turn on the AC a few minutes before I reach the car - and by then the car is very comfortable.

    So far, haven't found a need for the tinting.
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    If you have the rear jump seats I think tinting is a must.
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