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Five minute charging? Straubel says "yes."

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    Good article. Thanks.
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    Great! But, all the Supercharging stations will have to be upgraded, as will most utilities as they cannot always supply the power needed. Maybe requiring superconductive charger cables, quite the big deal in itself. Add the enormous on-site battery packs discussed to store all this energy to charge up the couple of S', one X and three GenIIIs that just pulled up...and more all day and night, hundreds of them if things go as we hope.

    And Tesla has promised free charges, at least on the S models. Yikes.

    And this is going to be fed by an on-site solar array. Really now.

    Hopefully there is better technology than the one the article alludes to, or the battery swapping idea might prove to be the most viable one, perhaps not much more expensive than the fast charging scheme described.
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    Batteries that can accept full charge in under minute exist already. Power can be transferred using cheap capacitors and slower main storage using much cheaper battery techs than Li-ion used in cars (size and weight are not constrains). Storage only needs to have enough energy to cover peak usage, charging storage can be done using slow charging from grid and solar (and wind and...)

    Only real problem in this is how to transfer that amount of power to car safely. Maybe battery swap-type robotics with huge charging cables underneath of car.
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    Would the Tesla batteries be able to handle taking in 660DC or 440 DC power from power lines in that I have heard a lot of small power companies do still operate DC power systems under the 2500 volt range in some areas on some of their circuits. Could it be possible to have this high voltage DC power though some type switching box to allow it to take in this high level of power. There are also spots where 440volt and 660 volt power still flow on power poles and those are mainly on old railroad line open wire poles.
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    Are you sure that what you heard is true? DC is very inefficient compared to AC in transferring power.
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    Being able to charge a charge a car in 5 minutes also allows people who park on streets to have electric cars. Demand for gasoline is going to decline significantly in the next 10-20 years. I think Exxon and the big oil companies are screwed. The Middle East will fade into irrelevancy and there will be no more wars over oil. I absolutely love the electric car!
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