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Make up removal

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Anybody had the misfortune of having a woman's facial make-up rubbed onto the "ceiling" of your MS? Well it happened to me (as difficult as that may seem to be). Now even more difficult is cleaning it off. The make up is waterproof too. Has anybody else have this happen and how do you clean it off?


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    ...I don't even want to know how it was rubbed on to the ceiling...
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    All of my passengers must be devoid of makeup and must wear hair nets at all times while in the vehicle... lol
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    without video, it never happened... hahaha

    Sorry about the makup, and no clue how to remove it.
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    Do you have the Alcantara headliner? Check out - it suggests to try (very carefully) ethyl alcohol to remove makeup.
  • edited November -1 protect the innocent I can't say how it happened but I do need to get it off ( or I need the phone number of a good divorce attorney... I wounder if that attorney in the Florida case is taking new clients? He seems pretty good.)Seriously though folks I need some ideas..H202??
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    Lmfao!!! Good luck bud
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    Must have been a very fun evening. I take delivery of my S85 at the end of the month so I'm not speaking on personal experience with the S but a Tide stain removal stick or one of those makeup removing cleansing cloths (they come packaged like wet wipes) have worked for me in other cars.
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    I must be driving mine wrong... Bamboo is having way more fun than me.
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    The important part is to not smudge it or smear it. I might suggest lightly spraying it with an oxy type of solution and then holding a towel gently against the stain to lift it off. If that doesn't work, you might try a steamer.
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    Female Tesla owner here. Did you try (1) Makeup remover? You can get a small bottle from the travel size bins at Target. Apply to a cotton ball then rub onto the makeup. (2) Soda water? (3) OxyClean?

    PS - Your wife already knows. We always do. And that's what you get for skimping on that pano roof she suggested.
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    @7of9: I have the pano roof.... if I didn't it would have been worse. It was a good thing that it came off easy from the rollbar.
    @Strangel: chicks like the car....they just do
    Everybody else: Thanks for the suggestions.
    Well I'm going to make a Target run for some "items"....
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    Vertical face plant?

    Wipes off with vodka.
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    One of the guys at the service center recommended Windex for Alcantara stains. Windex, apparently, will not harm the underlying glue that affixes the headliner. Also, blot, don't rub.
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    Suggestion - test the cleanup chemical on a less conspicuous part of the headliner first, to make sure it doesn't cause damage.
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    I was worried about the blue dye in Windex coming into contact with the Alcantara. Has anyone tried it?
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    They make clear Windex.
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    I use ArmorAll carpet and upholstery wipes.
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    I would do a tester on another area first...All the suggestions make me a little nervous...I don't even check my makeup in the vanity mirror anymore, I don't want to get the visor area in my previous cars..Good luck!
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    Life is a classroom. Lesson for today:
    1. Using a soft bristle toothbrush helps to get the dried portion of the makeup off. Using (blotting) oil free make-up remover then Rubbing Alcohol seems to have done a decent job but once the area dries the verdict will be in.
    2. Stolen moments can be difficult in the Model S. I anticipate that those moments will be easier to secure in the Model X with the increased headroom.
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    David Letterman style top 10 potential responses:

    10. Quick, buy a clown outfit (complete with make-up) and tell your wife that you have been secretly attending clown school at night.

    9. It might have been easier to get her to the back seat by using the door, although that would mean putting the car in park.

    8. After you solve the make-up in the ceiling problem, don't forget to get her footprints from the back of the front seats.

    7. That's not what hyperloop means. Please keep your car upright.

    6. Note from ACME, our Mark 1/Mod 1 ejection seat is not recommended for cars. Also, don't push that button...

    5. I had the same problem when I left a toy mouse in front of the passenger seat to play a prank on my wife. Although in my case, there was also blood on the driver's side.

    4. Add more make-up to the ceiling and sign it. Tell your wife that you just came from the service center and that is what they do now for the "signature" edition.

    3. Dude, you are doing it wrong. "Pimping" your ride means something completely different.

    2. You are lucky. Glitter on the ceiling is much worse.

    ..and the #1 potential response...

    1. Buy another identical Tesla Model S and strictly enforce the "no make-up and no glitter in the car" man-rule. Keep the other one as your "flopcar".
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    You obviously live in decadent CA.
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    @PorfirioR +1000 Keep 'em coming...
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    Inquire around to find the best detailer in our area. See them. Ask them to think carefully about the issue and to try to clean it if they think they can without doing any further damage to the headliner.

    If they are competent, experienced, and ethical, and some are, they will think carefully about the issue, try out a tiny amount of whatever the use in an inconspicuous area first, and be able to do what they can without further damage.

    Why would you ask a bunch of anonymous Tesla owners and not ask an expert? A detailer will likely be so overjoyed at seeing a Tesla Model S that he or she will do everything he or she can to help, and very carefully.
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    @hamer, best answer yet. We use a professional when we are in over our head. I wonder if the OP used a professional when he made the stain.... I suspect a professional would not have left a trace....
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    Best answer: PorfirioR

    Most helpful: @hammer

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