For sale a set of Neova AD08 225/45 R17

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Sniff sniff my much beloved roadster is no more. Days before I was going to go down and have the snow tires taken off, another driver ran a red light and spun me around the intersection. The old roadster sacrificed itself to protect me and I walked away shaken up but mostly unscathed. I am still mourning its passing.

We all know how the roadster goes through back tires. If you need some new ones and dont mind the fact that they are the newer NV08 rather than the original NV07 which are getting very rare and pricey it seems. I've got some lightly used ones. I think that they have less than 1000 miles of highway driving on them.

SF Bay Area
Make me an offer.

Other stuff that I have which someone might want:
- Sector 111 luggage rack - make me an offer or maybe buy me a beer
- J1772 cable - doesn't everybody already have one of these?
- Clipper creek HPWC I'm seriously considering converting this a J1772 and then installing it in some place handy like maybe Winnemucca or Elko to make it quicker traveling east before Tesla installs superchargers so to get me to part with this would take a pretty good offer. However, it does seem to be a waste to basically throw away that amazingly expensive tesla connector so if someone has a better idea or wants to make a deal let me know.
- An iPhone dock and cable extender that clips into the 1.5's little aluminum shelf.
- A modified version of the original mobile charger. This is not the one that looks like a snake that swallowed a rodent this is the one that has a big electrical box in the middle. I adapted it so that It has a NEMA L14-30 plug and then made pig tails for the various kinds of plugs that I encountered. I found this more useful when traveling.

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PS the Model S is really nice and honestly more functional and so the plush luxury is the cross I will have to bare even though it doesn't jive with my spartan vibe. "Freaking servos to move my seat. WTF?"


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    I'm so sorry to hear Ben. I understand how you feel. A van hit the back of my Roadster, damaged the suspension, hood, and ripped the back bumper off. That was a hard 2.5 months to wait for it to come back. But to never get it back! I'd be heartbroken.

    At least the Model S is a Tesla! And it is being delivered now. Maybe when the Gen III Roadster comes out...
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    By chance would you take $75 for the luggage rack? Surely that is worth several cases of beer. That is very generous to offer the HPC for a public station. In mid-America we are very lacking on anything above 30 amps which is painful when road tripping.

    Feel free to e-mail me at dhrivnak59 at Thank you
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    I would like to buy your j1772 if you still have it. The tires probably aren't sized for my sport, are they? I think the 08s don't come in the larger rear size... Thanks, Burt Grenell 703 597-0207 [email protected]

    Roadster Sport 556
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