Dallas to JW Marriott Hill Country charging spots

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Considering taking the Model S 85kWH down to the JW Marriot hotel just north of San Antonio. The resort itself has NO charge stations/plugs and I'm struggling with where I should charge along the way. Any recommendations other than take an ICE?

Austin Tesla have a charge spot for owners?


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    Thre is supposed to be a HPWC at the Domain parking garage - I would call them and see if you can reserve it. Read the Austin forum for a bunch of J1772 chargers also.
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    Thanks Mark. I did call the Austin service center and confirmed public availability of the Tesla chargers at the Domain. So, we'll likely just stop there for lunch/shopping while we juice.

    Regarding the JW Marriott Resort in Hill Country, I got hold of the chief engineer(nickname "Nacho"). He's going to run a dedicated 14-50 NEMA circuit in the valet parking area for Teslas. For fast approvals he's going to have to limit it to 20A though which works for me. I'll report back and let you know. Hats off to Marriott for making it happen.
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    Sandman - My wife's charging a couple times this week in Austin at Tesla - she's up there with our son for a weekl-ong soccer camp. They were very accommodating. She did call ahead to make sure.

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    You may find the following link helpful, for Austin charging help.


    Good Luck
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    Made it to Austin(The Domain) running at about 272 Wh/mi by drafting behind semis most of the way. On the way back to Dallas, I hit 251 Wh/mil with a South wind and drafting. I was pretty impressed by the efficiency you could achieve with just a little patience. Probably could have made the trip from JW Marriott to Dallas w/o stopping at that rate but had the fam with me and didn't want to risk it(plus potty and snack breaks because they aren't allow to eat or pee in the car).

    JW Marriott set me and future Tesla visitors up. They have a permanent 14-50 Nema plug for us in the Valet garage which they will allow you to drive to. Expect lots of chatter from the valet dudes and other guests. Happy to advertise for Tesla!
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    And by the way, the Nissan dealership in Waco is now charging $15 per charge!!! Apparently they had some local rude non-tesla non-nissan abusers they wanted to get rid via a policy change. I don't think this applies to all Nissan dealerships.
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