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Looking forward to the future - the closure of gas stations.

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I can't wait to see the first gas station close. A little like the red telephone boxes did in England, when cell phones started to become popular.

Not only will it free up valuable land space. I think you call it real estate in the States, but imagine the amount of CO2 saved, if there are no gas tankers on the road.

No more Deepwater Horizon repeats either. The sun doesn't tend to make mistakes when it's delivering our energy.

A stable energy supply, creates safety, not conflict when supplies are low. When solar and other renewable energies really take off, energy will be as abundant as water. Energy security - a massive step towards a conflict free planet.

Thank-you Tesla.


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    And we will stop making the Saudis rich.
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    In the US every day 3 to 4 gas stations are closing already ( due to higher fleet efficency and less driving ). Hope EVs help that trend.
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    Yes, I need more fast food joints.
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    Don't forget that the major oil companies are putting the squeeze on mom and pop gas stations. They favor the large high volume stations. Some of this is consolidation, but clearly the much better mileage has had an effect.

    So, olanmills, your dream is a combo SC and In 'n Out. Actually the Gilroy SC is almost that!
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    I know of a few gas stations on my wish to close list in that the people running them are a group of thugs. I will also like to have the come when I can have my roof covered in solar panels and charge up for free and lath at the decaying ruins of thug gas station.
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    Who close them when you can just convert them to charging stations? What's wrong with embracing the new business model and the future? Electricity? Hydrogen for fuel cells? I view the change as an opportunity.
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    Market forces. BEV:s will charge nowhere near as often in those stations as ICE cars do, and electricity is cheap so you just can't charge much from customers for charging.

    You would need to change them to something completely different than just "charging station" to lure in enough customers and to get some profit while you do that. My estimate is that 90% of them die just to lack of customers. That remaining 10% might survive if they are in good location for charging station.
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