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Comments disapearing in articles against Tesla

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If you google TSLA (tesla's stock symbol) or just "tesla", you will see a number of different articles displayed in a number of investor/stock related articles. I have posted a number of comments/replies to those articles. My comments are at worst opinionated, but devoid bad language. Interestingly, after I have confirmed that they posted, I come back to the articles, later in the day, to find that a number of the postings have been deleted. On the other hand, postings that were there in support of other car companies, and against Tesla, are still there! Consider checking if your comments are still there. If they have been deleted, consider holding the websites accountable through other sources... Other, particularly domestic, car companies are holding on to dear life in the face of the overwhelming consumer support and investments that come Tesla's way. Expect higher levels of curruption and violations of your rights.


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    Any examples ?
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    I rather not mention names. However, it's happened on several of the sites that frequently post articles. If you do the searches, you will realize who they are. The point is, I know those comments got deleted after I verified they were posted. There was no valid reason for it. Your comments might disappear too.
    The stronger you advocate for Tesla, the likelier it is your comment might "disappear".
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    You really should mention names. For one thing, it makes your comment more credible. For another, it explicitly points the finger of blame at the people doing the wrong thing.

    I have the same complaint when "news" organizations publish reports of unnamed people or organizations doing something wrong. Very nice to report that some store somewhere is selling mislabeled products, but why didn't you name the store? If the report is true, you have the perfect right to name it. If the report is false, you don't want to give names -- but in that case you shouldn't publish the "story" either!
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    Why would you not mention the names? Keep them accountable. Let potential readers know how the site moderators behave.
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    Short sellers of Tesla still have over 18 million shares short. That's $2.2 billion and probably a very big unrealized loss.... It is very possible they are paying news sources some amount (perhaps $10K a month, for example) to let detrimental comments come through and kill comments supportive of Tesla.

    There's a LOT of money at stake. People on Wall Street are criminals. They will do things like this and they will get away with it. There are amounts of money in the range of 10X to 100X at stake in the auto and oil businesses that do not want to see their apple cart upended. Trillions of dollars are at stake in the global shift to EV's. But, thankfully, the cat is out of the bag, and the ICE cars will die no matter what...

    I don't know who it is.

    In the end it won't matter. The short sellers will get slaughtered because the Tesla EV is 400% more efficient than gas cars
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    Whether it's corruption, a conspiracy, or just a reflection of the prejudices of the editors in question, "they" would seem to be fighting the modern EV by trying to silence it. Let them. They are fighting a rising tide, they cannot win this battle by petty censorship alone.

    Besides, <i>Consumer Reports</i> already sunk their battleship.

    (I support the name and shame movement though, let's hear what sites are affected!)
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