Tesla Model S vs Harsh Canadian Winters

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I would like to know how would a Tesla Model S operate in an harsh environnement like very cold canadian winters through snow, ice, salt & sands used on the roads. Would a -30 or -40 degree celcius affect the battery much and motor ? how corrosion resistant is the Tesla Model S especially with accelerants like the salts used on the roads.


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    Not sure if you've seen this, but a test drive in Norway (very cold)

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    Manual says don't expose car to -22 F for more than 24 hours at a time. Page 25:
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    That's without plugging it in. Without plugging it in coolant could freeze in real cold weather, and that's never a good thing (same obviously applies to ICE cars as well). Corrosion is not a problem AFAIK.

    Cool weather itself is not that much a problem to the batteries, but it requires more power to keep things warm and cozy, battery releases power more slowly and snow causes (quite a lot) more rolling resistance so range suffers somewhat.

    Motor doesn't care about weather. You could probably run it in space.
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