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Court rejects Dutch gas station monopoly on chargers

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On the grounds that electricity is "fuel" which they have exclusive rights to sell in NL, gas stations filed 26 petitions to block anyone else from setting up charging stalls. A judge rejected the claim.


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    The Judge also said that the people who own the gas stations could have provided the charging stalls themselves, but they did not do that. That was also an important reason to not stop/block other people from setting up charging stalls. If the people who own the gas stations had set up charging stalls themselves, then they would not have been in this situation now. So actually, it's their own mistake. Now other parties will be setting up these charging stalls. In the years to come this will prove to be a huge mistake by the people who own the gas stations. In doing business it's important to look forward, to predict to future (as much as possible), prepare for the future, and be ready when that change will occur. Not everybody does understand that (or only wants to hold on to the current situation).
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