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Don't change a thing!

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Dear Tesla,

Don't get discouraged to all the critics that want you to add every feature under the sun to the Model X. If they want the Model X to perform exactly like a BMW, they should buy a BMW. And ABSOLUTELY don't change the falcon wings doors. Speaking for the other 99% of the population who does not own a Kayak, they are cool as hell! The only thing you need to worry about is getting production going as fast as possible!

The Model X is beautiful. Start cranking them out. I want mine SOON!


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    I don't think it's about getting discouraged it's about hearing constructive feedback from your potential customers. I'd put down an X reservation in a second but, to be honest, it's the lack of roof storage that is holding me back. My family of five (six with the dog!) doesn't own a kayak...but we do own skis, bikes, and other sporting goods/gear galore. Here in the Pacific Northwest I've headed to the mountains with the bikes on the hitch rack and the skis in the roof box (along with my wife and I in the front, three kids in the back seat, and the dog (and luggage) in the cargo area of my Sequoia.

    So yes, I fully agree with you that the falcon wings are cool...but they are also the main factor holding me back from walking into a store today (was actually in a store Saturday night) and putting my reservation down. I simply don't see how losing functional roof space will work for my family...yet. Hoping solutions pop up!
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    I agree ... 99%

    My 1% would go to moving the charge port to the front of the car, and update the stupid 17" screen especially the mapping software. Not sure if anyone notices the highly-pixelated map displayed in Tesla's screen, it draws a stark contrast against how refined the vehicle is, not to mention my eyes already trained to see the pixels in retina-display screens.
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    Agree with doneall's original post. Part of 99% of people who don't own a kayak and love the falcon wing doors.
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    Even if you don't own a kayak, you might need that extra storage at some point. Tesla should do what they're known for and offer superior customer service in the form of optional standard doors. Falcon doors might look cool, but even cooler would be converting them to regular doors with the flip of a switch, or vice versa.

    An SUV that can't carry anything on top is poorly designed.
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    Not all people live in California...
    Not all people need to show-off...

    Some of us simply want a electric car with (real) range and space, and I'm sure the percentage is higher than 1.
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    As I mentioned on another thread, andrew, you need an SOV.
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    The X will have a lot of storage space inside the vehicle thanks to it's electric powertrain. And putting anything on top will kill aerodynamics and range in a vehicle type that already has range issues. Plus the stylish and more importantly aerodynamic roof line with a hatch is not well suited to having a roof rack. However, there are some items people might want to carry that require storage on top. Are they turning away more customers by not having standard SUV style roof storage or bringing in more customers by having otherwise awesome doors?

    Is this really a roof rack type of vehicle? Maybe what you really want is a Tesla SUV, rather than the Model X, which is more of a CUV. Someone could also complain that you cant fit a couch or load of lumber in the back of the Model X. Is that a failing of the Model X? Or perhaps it's just because that someone really needs a truck.
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