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article about Jauguar vs Tesla

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There was an article today with a very misleading title: "The Jaguar F-Type vs. Tesla S: Amazingly Alike". You will find it here:

The Jaguar F-type is a ges-engine car. The article goes on and on about how the are so similar until close to the end, where it alludes to the Jaguar's use of gasoline. I left a comment about it, and the website stated that it was subject to "moderation". This type of stuff needs to be called out. It takes way from progress that society needs. This is my comment:

"This is an extremely misleading title. What hurts other auto brands the most, is a reputation for misleading consumers. "Amazingy Alike" implies that the Jaguar is even the same species as a Tesla. It's not... even close. The Jaguar is a gas-engine, the Tesla is all electric. The best lesson to learn from Tesla is that they have an exemplary public reputation for being transparent, accurate, and over-delivering on their promises. The best other auto makers have going for them is the humility to accept their position in the electric vehicle market and a willingness to change. Misleading titles and statements simply bring the quality of the entire industry down. In other words, we are too smart for this... By the way, Tesla has already made a sports car (purely electric): the roadster. It has been out for more than a decade. 0-60 in 3.5 seconds ..."

Unfortunately, articles that cheapen, confuse, and cloud the content of discussion can gain momentum too. Calling them out on this is one way supporters of Tesla can make a difference.


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    Unfortunately, this was one of the first articles to come out after googling Tesla today.
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