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Has anyone in the Atlanta area done this to their car yet? If so where and would you recommend the shop?
Thanks in advance


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    Bummer...looking for the same info but no responses. Replying to your thread in hopes it will bubble back up for some new recommendations.
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    This info was from another thread (I did not go with Opticoat, went with Xpel Ultimate instead from a different installer, but the guy below, Jean-Claude, came highly recommended):

    JC is a really stand up guy who knows what he is doing! If I lived in ATL, I would have him work on my car.

    Tell him Eric with Envious Detailing sent you"
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    any reason you went with Xpel instead. Still doing research on what product i think is right for me. thanks in advance and for the contact info.
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    I had heard that the best way to put the Opticoat on was as soon as the car came off the transporter, without any washing or other treatment etc. The installer would then prep the car (? use clay bar or something). Anyway, the timing didn't work out for me, & I had just heard more folks going with Xpel or nano film.

    In retrospect, I would do Opticoat, then add Xpel to that for double protection. It would all add up $$ though, for sure.
  • You all need to check out Bryan Burnworth if you are in the Atlanta area.

    give him a call with your questions you will learn he knows his stuff, and his skill set for paint polishing and Opti Coat PRO are top teir.

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    Thanks for the Info greg. I will definitely look him up.
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    I used Bryan Burnworth of Peach State Detail( he did a full detail and Opti-Coat Pro job on my black Tesla. Bryan has experience working on Teslas as I was the second Tesla he had done and I understand he is doing a third Tesla this weekend. I would highly recommend him as it turned out looking great.

    Here is a link to some before and after photos that Bryan took that I posted on Flickr:[email protected]/sets

    Here is a video Bryan put together on the detailing job:

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    Looks fantastic. Bryan, I am in chattanooga and would like to come down for mine to be done. How long to you need the car and what is approximate cost?
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    Hi Gentlemen,

    Thanks for all the referrals and it's been great working with some of you.

    We are happy to have a complementary consultation with anyone interested in Opti-Coat PRO, cQuartz Finest, paint restoration or clear bra installation in Georgia.

    Best regards,
    Detailed Designs Auto Spa, Inc.
    [email protected]
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    Just wanted to offer another vote of confidence in Jean-Claude. Just picked up my MC Red from him yesterday with a full Opti-Coat Pro application, including full wheels. I think I'm pretty careful about maintaining my cars, but Jean-Claude operates on a whole other level. My S85 is 3 weeks old so he didn't have to do much correction. The red looked good before, but now it just looks liquid. Not inexpensive, but a good value and I'm very pleased.
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    Thanks for the kind words Don and it was a pleasure taking care of your Tesla.
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    I also used I used Bryan Burnworth of Peach State Detail - for a full polish and Opti-Coat Pro application. In addition to the paint, he also coated the wheels, trim, and glass.

    I'm thrilled with the results. Here are some photos he took during the project:

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    I had my MS done this week by Bryan Burnworth at Peach State Detail. The opti coat pro is amazing. I had the wheels and glass done as well as the paint and I am thrilled with the results. It was raining last night while I was out in the car and the water beaded up in these small little beads and blew right off of the car while I was driving; it was really cool how little water stayed on the car even though it was raining. Very Happy with the shiny results.
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    Bryan at Peachstate Detail has saved the paint on mine as well. I say saved because the paint is no longer to soft to wash without adding swirls and scratches when using appropriate washing methods. I asked TM not to do anything to my car when delivered and upon close inspection, the only issues with the paint was where they removed the protective white film. The paint is really soft and probably hasn't had time to cure properly when delivered.
    Opticoat not only repels water but it gives the paint color more depth in my opinion. Can't wait to see it in actual sunlight!!! I highly recommend it and specifically Bryan Burnworth at Peachstate Detail!
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    Bryan at Peachstate Detail did mine as well. Nice not needing windshield wipers (OptiCoat Windshield) or brakes (Tesla regen)! Water rolls off the OptiCoat Pro finish and a power spray and power blow to clean it up.... truly a touchless wash now! Thanks Bryan!

    Also did my 911...
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    It's great to hear you're keeping busy too Bryan.

    We just picked up another Tesla p85 from the service center in Marietta for a client in Tennessee. We are in the middle of a wash, decontamination, paint correction(swirl and factory defect removal) and then Opti-Coat Pro installation for his car and will be finished in a few days. There is no fast way to do the work right. But having our shop with space on hand to keep work lined up and a full-time staff of industry experts means we are as efficient as it gets and the Teslas get completed in a timely manner.

    Thus far, we have kept very busy on Model S' installing some very extensive clear bra protection kits, heavy paint corrections, glass coating and vinyl coating systems, Optimum's Opti-Guard leather coating as well as a great variety of amazing paint coatings like CQuartz Finest, Opti-Coat Pro, CeramicPro 9H as well as the newest and one of the hottest coatings to hit the USA recently, Modesta. We've installed all of those coatings on different Teslas. There are some really amazing coatings available now. Make sure to do your research before you pull the trigger on a coating! They all have their own character and fit different owners differently. You did your research before buying a Model S. Do your research before choosing your coating system.

    Check out one of our recent full hood/fender/bumper/mirror clear bra installation and Modesta BC-05 coating detail projects!
    Read more about it from the owner, here:

    Our latest Opti-Coat Pro detail that was picked up Sunday:

    If you would like to schedule a time to come by for a consultation, we are only 10 minutes outside of 285 on I-20:
    Detailed Designs Auto Spa
    2161 Old Covington Highway SW, Suite B
    Conyers, GA. 30012

    BIG thanks to Tesla for making such a fantastic car that is drawing in some of the best auto owners in the industry. I look forward to offering a public charge station very soon! Being right off of I-20 will make it a great spot!
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    Excellent point about Xpel jumping on board with the coatings over clear bra concept, Bryan. It absolutely makes maintenance of the clear bra a breeze. Convenience and quality product combination is a huge factor in choosing the products and shop used for installations.

    Though, we have <i>personally</i> been able to test multiple coatings on self-healing film that we ourselves have installed. There are multiple coatings that will not interfere with the self-healing attributes. Being a full-time professional expert on detailing, paint restoration, coating systems as well as clear bra installation provides excellent opportunities for us to test new products and how they work together. Even though we have many Opti-Coat installs on Tesla's, we feel it's awesome that Tesla owners have quality options when it comes to coatings.

    If you're not sure what self-healing means for clear bra, here's a video we made that educates owners on one method of taking advantage of self-healing film: (warm water and/or time in direct sunlight can also be used for lighter marring)

    Good communication with your clear bra and coatings installer will ensure that you make a choice that works best for your desired lifestyle with your new Tesla!
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    I have finally had my Opti coat Pro and clear bra installed. JC at Detail Designs Auto Spa did my work. It looks incredible. He is a true expert in his field and very professional to work with. Couldn't say enough positive things about my experience with him. Driving back to Chattanooga, I can tell you I saw many more heads turn than when I drove down to Atlanta.

    But let me give all of you a word of warning. Do not wait a year and 26K miles to have this type of work done. Do your research before receiving your car and then have the car in the detail shop you choose ASAP. The more time and miles you have, the more expensive the work gets. Also, the more rock chips you have, the more noticeable they are even with the best work.

    I absolutely love the outcome, but wish I wouldn't have delayed the seven months (Thread started on August 2 2013) I did in making my decision and getting around to doing it.
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    Bryan at Peach State Detail did the Opti Coat last week on my gray S85. It is stunning! It makes a beautiful car look even better. And the practical side of me feels good that the car is protected.

    It is a pleasure to work with an expert who takes great pride in his work. There were quite a lot of swirl marks which Bryan corrected. Bryan provides great service, too. The plan was to have the car for two days. On the first day, Bryan called to say the forecast the next day called for rain and he was willing to work late to get it done so I could pick it up before the rain started. I’m sure that was a long day for Bryan and I really appreciated it.

    My car was Bryan’s 17th Tesla. He knows the car well and is a big fan. Here is a link to pictures Bryan took at his shop:
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    I had paint armor applied by JC at Detail Design Auto Span in Conyers: full paint correction (yes, car was delivered with the usual swirls & scratches), Suntek clear vinyl (full hood, front fenders & mirrors), & Modesta coating, $3900.
    Jean Claude explained the options clearly, then performed the work with pride as if it were his own car, bringing out the true beauty of my blue MS85. He also did a couple of incidental things in cleaning-up the car which he didn't mention in his estimate & for no additional charge.
    JC is well-informed on the different brands of clear-bra & coatings, & advised me carefully on the cost/performance of these products. His work is reminiscent of the artisans of old.
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    rmbod and bobrobert -Thanks for the excellent testimonials for our working with paint protection film clear bra installations, paint correction, Opti-Coat Pro and Modesta coating applications!

    Of course, you guys know how they came out! But for anyone else interested in seeing their projects, just follow these links:

    For the Opti-Coat Pro, paint correction and clear bra project:

    For our Modesta BC-05, paint correction and clear bra project:
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    Just had my 85 paint corrected and opti-coat by Bryan at Peach State Detail. I think I was the 20th Tesla that he has done and it looks great. Can't wait to wash it and watch the water slide off! Only wish I had done it sooner.

    I highly recommend Bryan and PSD if you want the opti-coat.
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    I ordered it myself from detail king and applied it. Wasn't that difficult and came out nice. It is technique sensitive but there are videos on the website. It was 79.95. To used version 2.0 that sets up slower and easier for novices to apply. Worked like a charm and beads up beautifully. Will have to see how it wears. You can buy the pro version but it cures much faster and is easier to streak. I did 2 cars with on vial.
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    How well does clear bra with Modesta BC-05 installed over it respond to heavy scratches?

    The video was taken 3 weeks after we installed the clear bra and the BC-05 glass coating on a Model S. The fender film had been damaged and required being replaced and was replaced after shooting this film.

    While I don't currently have video of it, CQuartz Finest and Opti-Coat Pro also allow self healing film to maintain it's properties. It's just a matter of which product fits your needs the best!
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    I went with SunTek protective film and used Derek Johnson at Atlanta Protective Films in Canton (phone 678-687-0888). He shares a shop with All Pro Window Tinting, so I also got my windows tinted at the same time (Josh - 770-479-8468). I am very happy with both products and the installations. I went with Spectra PhotoSync window tinting and have noticed a big heat reduction inside car.
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