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Opti Coat Pro in Atlanta



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    Another new Tesla Model S protected with Modesta BC-04 and nearly a complete wrap of Suntek clear bra. Despite being a light colored car, it has plenty of depth and gloss after Modesta BC-04.

    A video of the same Tesla Model S once it was complete:

    Suntek offers an amazing look and when capped off with an awesome coating, it provides protection along with amazing looks.
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    I have had Sun and Shield and Alpharetta do all my vehicles since 2007. Audi, Fisker, Corvette and will have them do the Tesla X when I get it as well.

    I had the film put on my Audi Q7 in 2007, and is still is as perfect 100K miles later as it was the day it was installed.

    Sun & Shield, Mike Moore is the owner 5885 Atlanta Hwy Alpharetta
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    It's great to see others are seeing the value in ongoing training. We've proudly been offering no-cost 1 on 1 training for our customers and will continue to be a hub for healthy car care training in the southeast for years to come. For more details:

    Another Tesla owner, that is eager to learn, getting some 1 on 1 training on proper wheel care.

    Our 1 on 1 clinics generally take 3 or more hours. Tesla owners can learn a lot over 3 hours while working hand in hand with our staff! Yes, it's truly more of a 2 or 3 on 1 clinic, as typically it is myself along with 1 or 2 other techs working hand in hand with you on your own car.

    Along with ongoing training and full-time support, we offer a full line of boutique detailing products from wheel cleaners and brushes, to grit guards, shampoos, extremely plush microfiber towels and much more. You will not find the line of products we carry except through online retailers. We are happy to provide Tesla owners with the complete package when it comes to longterm car care needs. All from industry experts who have genuine care in helping Tesla owners find the best solutions for their needs, not necessarily the most expensive.

    All of these services are conveniently located just 13 minutes outside of 285 on I-20.
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    I just had Opti Coat Pro applied to my new Tesla (Blue) by Bryan Burnworth with Peachstate Detail. The results look fabulous.

    When I initially took delivery of my Tesla a few weeks ago, the car had a few imperfections (swirls) in the paint. I noticed them when I took delivery from Tesla, but what could I do? -- I certainly wasn't going to send it back!! Also, somehow over the past few weeks I had managed to acquire a few water spots on the hood, probably from a leak in a concrete parking garage. Bryan removed the water spots and the swirls before applying Opti Coat, and delivered the car to me looking pristine. It looks better than it did when I took delivery.

    Here are a few photos, but honestly the pics do not do it justice:

    If you are going to have Opti Coat applied soon after delivery, schedule ahead of time (I booked 2 months before delivery). Bryan was very accommodating in holding a spot for me, and with arranging pick up of my car at the airport while I was on vacation. Additionally, he equipped me with washing supplies at his cost (microfiber towels, grit guards, Opti no-rinse washing solution, etc...), and discussed with me in detail how to car for the car--extremely helpful.

    Overall, I highly recommend Bryan and Peachstate Detail. Very professional, excellent results.
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    What is the cost of Opti-Coat Pro installation?
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    Another very happy Peachstate Detail customer! My P85+ was the 30th Tesla Byran Burnworth protected with Opti-Coat Pro. It looks simply amazing and this morning’s rain ran right of the windshield.

    A word of caution though, Bryan is VERY busy these days so plan your appointment a couple months in advance.

    Beforehand All Pro Window Tinting (Chris) applied Photosync and Atlanta Protective Films (Derek) applied a full coverage package of Xpel.

    All of these men are true professionals that take real pride in their work and it shows. I highly recommend all three.
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    I also had my new P85+ taken care of by Bryan (Peach State Detail), and similarly had the film protection applied by Derek (Atlanta Protective Films). Both did a fantastic job, and I'm more than pleased with it. Mine was actually done almost two weeks ago, but I've been away on business travel since then and just now getting a chance to catch my breath :)

    We plan to take my wife's new BMW 550 to have both treatments done soon too (of course now she wants a Model S too, but the 550 lease is less than 3 months old).

    For the protective film, I had Derek install the "standard" package which covers the whole front end, fenders, side mirrors, lower tail, side panels, full hood, and front pillars. For the Opti-coat, I had Bryan apply it to the entire car, including windshield and inside of the wheels. The film installation took a full day, and for the Opti-Coat I needed to leave my car with Bryan for 2 full days.

    Again, both came out flawlessly. Bryan was also able to buff out almost all of the fine scratches that had already made their way into my paint job. The car was only a few weeks old and had been washed twice with a (new) sponge instead of the proper 2-bucket method with ONR, which I simply didn't know about yet at the time. Those two washings were enough to create some fine scratches/swirls (they show up really easily in bright sunlight), but they are effectively gone now after the polish + coating. Bryan does a basic polish prior to applying the coat, and my scratches weren't bad enough to need a more aggressive polishing so that didn't cost any extra.

    He took some photos of the car (these are all after both the film and the Opti-Coat have been applied):
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    As a heads up, Optimum, makers of Opti-Coat, has made some drastic changes to the way Opti-Coat is marketed as well as what is expected of owners of Opti-Coated cars. 'Lifetime' warranties are no longer in existence. It is a 5-year warranty or nothing. Beyond that, there was a substantial price increase that will impact new customers.

    As of right now, it is worded that dealerships are the only route for a warranty, unless by dealership they mean local authorized detailers.

    Taken from Optimum's website:

    Hopefully, Optimum makes some adjustments to these new Opti-Coat/warranty criteria for the sake of detailers and private owners alike. This appears to be a move towards making OC a dealership-type coating.

    Do your own due-diligence before moving forward with ANY coating.
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    When I say lifetime warranties are no longer in existence, I do NOT mean that current lifetime warranties would not be upheld. I mean that, moving forward, the only warranty available will be a 5-year warranty.
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    Just to clarify some of the recent posts here about the Optimum Warranty.

    It was not required for OptiCoat Pro installers to offer the warranty in the past, a 5 year warranty is now required. Most OptiCoat Pro installers that I know were always willing to cover any failures caused by improper application or a failure of the coating itself. Please see the updated warranty link for any additional info:
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    Interested in getting custom wrapping( to satin black) of the chrome trim on my model s. I ordered athe new steel grey with grey turbines. Does anyone know of a detailer/customizer here in town that one would recommend? Thanks!
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    Detailed Designs Auto Spa is qualified to offer you a quality vinyl installation on your trim.
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    I'm one month into my new S85 and couldn't be happier. With black paint and after reading all the great info on this forum, Tesla Motors Club, Facebook, etc. I decided to invest in clear bra film and a Modesta glass coating. I also had Modesta applied to the stock Tesla wheels. Honestly, the results are stunning and I now have serious appreciation for how great a jet black car can look when the right finish is properly cared for. And while I'm still sensitized to road chips, dings, etc... I know I've got great coverage for the small stuff.

    Jean-Claude Corcoran at Detailed Designs Auto Spa ( did the work for me and was awesome. He was patient as I decided what to do, set my expectations extremely well, and was a master at execution and finish work. This is not a job for the timid - I gave up my brand new car for most of 2 weeks - and it's not cheap to get quality products applied by someone as experienced and patient as JC.

    If you are considering a coating, I highly recommend calling Jean Claude. At the minimum, one conversation with him will help you be a better consumer of what's out there.
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    I am another happy customer of Derek and Bryan. My green P85 looks stunning with SunTek and Opti-Coat Pro. I believe my car was Bryan's 40th Model S.
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    Anyone has experience with Phantom autoshield in Acworth?
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    Just got my grey S85 back from Jean Claude ( It went straight to his Conyers, Ga facility after delivery (and yes, that was not easy after three months of waiting, to immediately give the car up again for another wait!). An amazing, totally satisfying experience.

    Prior to delivery, Jean Claude and I had multiple emails and phone calls to discuss what would make sense for me. My personality played a big role, as did my tentative plans to trade the car in at the three year mark. I was mainly focused on protecting the finish so it would look good in three years. I am less of a perfectionist otherwise--I know myself well enough to predict that I won't be hand-washing the car weekly (especially in the winter). My car will be a daily driver, not an "impress the valets on weekends" car.

    What was so great about JC was that he didn't take the one size fits all approach. After asking all the right questions, we chose to do a full SunTek clear vinyl bra application. This should give me the most protection I can get. We did not do an additional coating like OptiCoat, as JC recognized that this would not be worth it to a non-perfectionist. Ditto for wheel treatments. I did do the leather coating, as I do (horrors) eat in my car sometimes.

    After a week of waiting (with periodic updates from JC), the pickup today. Looks fabulous, incredibly well done. Perfect fit and finish. It was interesting to hear JC talk about the (relatively poor) quality of the factory finish, something that you hear about on the Tesla forums frequently. There were even two paint flaws that might have been enough for me to demand the panels be repainted, but JC test applied a test patch of film and felt it would hide much of the flaw. He also felt that the new films apply so well that even with the mediocre factory finish, that we could get away without an expensive paint correction prior to applying film.

    Proof's in the pudding. Car looks awesome and every inch is protected by self-healing vinyl. Even JC had a hard time finding the two paint flaws with the film on. And he's a delightful, intelligent young man who loves what he does. Great to talk to.

    I can't imagine anyone in the greater Atlanta Metro area--(or even further, I know he's had customers from out of state frequently)--choosing to use anyone other than Jean Claude. I think clear vinyl bra application is a no-brainer, and I'm confident I'll get the price of application back at the time of sale, when the car will still look better than factory brand new. To me, this should be an automatic when purchasing a gorgeous, $100K car like a Tesla.
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    The above review is spot on.
    I too used Jean-Claude and found him a real pleasure to deal with.
    I couldn't bear to give up my car for long (Had only had it a day when I had to leave it at the Window Tinter for 2 days). So I gave him 24 hours (a very short time for this sort of work) and he did a great job with SunTek and a Wheel coating. Still debating on whether to do an additional "shine" coating later this month.
    There are other shops that do quality paint protection, but there is nobody quite like Jean-Claude who has mad skills and is genuinely nice.
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    He guys, my S85D (red) is going into production. I am not familiar with the options/technology listed here and would like advice on the best path to take? My Audi has some film that resists UV and heat that was precision laser cut and is 100% bubble free on my glass so I was looking for that when I found this thread. I should have my Model S by April so I am absolutely interested in a quote and options!

    I drive 400 from exits 6-12 every day and will be piling up highway miles.

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    Has anybody done a full clear bra on their Model S? I'd love to see one in person.
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    Just a partial here, but i know there are several that have gone with the full wrap in Atlanta.
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    @mmmoore: as I posted above, I have a complete clear bra installation on my MS, just done by JC in December. I'd be happy to figure out a way for you to see it, depending on where you are located. I don't think these forums have a private messaging option, so post me some way to contact you and I'll touch base.

    No matter what you do though, I'd strongly suggest that you arrange a phone call with Jean Claude. He will painstakingly go through all your options--from paint correction, to vinyl wraps, to coating systems and help you decide based on needs and budget what the best option for you would be.
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    You can reach me at [email protected]
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    Wow. Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts everyone.
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    mmmoore had us wrap his whole p85d with clear bra and coat it all with Modesta BC-05 and it came out amazing! Here's a pic from when it was completed. Since then, it has come back for a maintenance visit and it looks just as good. Which is a testament to mmmoore following instructions as much as it is for the services.

    Thanks for the opportunity mmmoore!
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    Whoops!! Sorry but, mmmoore had us wrap everything but the rear hatch and rear fenders for his Tesla. Wheels and leather were coated. That was a picture of a different p85d with a full wrap and Modesta! Sorry for the confusion on my part folks.
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