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Opti Coat Pro in Atlanta



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    Bryan Burnworth M.D. (Master detailer) did the Opti (pro and then plus) on my titanium model S. I think mine was patient #88!

    I'd recommend Doc Burnworth and Peachstate detail to anyone wanting a professional job for Opti. His workmanship is outstanding, with an obsessive attention to detail I have not seen anywhere.

    I think the real reason I am a fan of his work is the little things that matter:
    1. His facilities are superb - not one rag out of place
    2. He knows the minutia about the tesla - he has one as a daily driver - so he knows the nuances very well and adapts his technique superbly - like the softness of the tesla paint and the proper cure technique for Opti
    3. He explains how to take care of the car and the finish - it's funny but he wouldn't let me leave until he had finished explaining and demonstrating how to do a proper ONR wash - something I am very grateful for now.
    4. He gave me a kit to take care of the car - the most high quality microfiber towels and his famous waffle weave towels - I like them so much I went back and bought more...
    5. He consistently provides valuable tips on the Atlanta Tesla owners Facebook group - lots of people have opinions, but the doc has answers.
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