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Cloud Charging?

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I think that cloud charging will be possible in future. Just like we can download our documents wirelessly today, we will be able to download electricity. This would be the ultimate freedom in driving EV's and would eliminate charging stations and probably batteries altogether.

Isn't this what Nikola Tesla said was possible but everybody ridiculed him? Isn't this what Elon Musk is after ultimately?


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    I don't think that is possible, at least not like you use the net. Tesla was brilliant but also crazy, so don't take everything he said as truth and possible.

    Problem with cars is that energy (and power in accelerations) required to move them is huge. Energies that huge need to be transferred without big losses, otherwise you end up frying humans, and in order to transfer them without big losses equipments to do that need to be close to each other. You won't be able to get that in middle of nowhere where cars still are used.
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    There's a much cooler form of cloud energy. Future Tesla's will be able to drive through thunderstorms and recharge by being struck by lightning over and over. That would be fun.

    "Quick! A storm's coming! Everybody get in the car!"
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    @olanmills, not as ridiculous as you think.

    Had we told somebody who lived 300 years ago that we will be sitting in Seattle, talking to somebody in Melbourne real-time, he would have said that is impossible because the sound travels 1236 km/hr and it would take 10 hours for our voice to get to Australia. And he would have been right.

    Still, we are doing it. Why? Because we have discovered a technology that makes it possible.

    Actually, they are working on wireless power as we speak.

    A little imagination goes a long way:)
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    Imagination gives you dreams, not all dreams are achievable. Also possibilities at 300 years from now can't really be imagined.

    Technology doesn't change laws of physics. Impossible doesn't change possible.
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    Laws of physics don't change. The speed of sound is still 1300 km/hr and still, we are talking to people at the other end of the world like they were sitting next to us. Why? Because we have discovered something that makes it possible.

    Laws of physics won't change, but we could discover something that makes power transfer possible. What will it be? We do not know, because if we did, we would use it today. We have no idea what the future will bring. What looks today impossible could be possible tomorrow.

    Never say never. Remember the scientists who insisted that a man will never fly. It took two bicycle retailers to question the experts and prove them wrong.
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    Wireless energy, even if possible, would be hard to meter. Also, massive amounts of electromagnetic energy going through the air might not be the best idea from an environmental standpoint, hardly a concern in Tesla's day. Any energy loss would directly heat the atmosphere, for example.
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    We also have a lot better understanding of physics now than we did just hundred years ago. Not many surprises to be discovered anymore especially for electrics.
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    300 years from now we'll all be riding neutrino waves to work, and tachyon beam to the holiday resort for vacation.

    If this does not come to pass, I promise I will eat my hat in humiliation.
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    In 300 years from now humankind becomes extinct because virtual sex becomes so much better than real one that no-one makes kids anymore.


    OTOH, I won't be eating my hat with that prediction, I refuse to underestimate stupidity of humankind.
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    Maybe it was a concern in Tesla's day. I gather one broadcast power rig was disassembled because it blew up a neighborhood. |8-0
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