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Noise Level on Highway

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2 days before i drive with a Posche Cayenne Turbo S on a Highway here in Austria and the Noise is very low in this car, we talking while i driving with a speed of 270km/h (170miles/h) and now i like to know how deep will be the noise level of the Model X?

I Know without changing the engine or use a gearbox the Model X will not drive 270km/h, but i like noiseless cars and the wind noise can be extreme.

Did anyone care about this?

kind regards


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    Hello Alexander!

    Well if the Model S in any indication the X should be a pretty quiet vehicle as well. Although, if you check the forums here (use to search) and at there are some complaints of road/tire noise and wind noise.

    As Elon said today in the conference call for the Q2 earnings report, they are still pretty bad at making cars. They are certainly getting better every week but he said by Q4 he hopes they are no longer bad at making cars. In other words, their quality is getting better and better.

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