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Will the impending Gen III make me cancel my X reservation?

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With delivery of my Model X probably being around mid 2015, why would I not cancel my order and wait another year or two for the Gen III SUV? It will be a 1/3 of the price and probably perform very similar. And if I do take delivery on my Model X, what will happen to the resale value once the Gen III's hit the street? I would think the value would take a huge nose dive.

Anyone else have this concern? What will the Model X have that the Gen III will not that will justify a price tag of 3x higher? I absolutely love the look of the X and would take delivery tomorrow if I could, but with the Gen III seeming to be not too far off, the practical side of my brain is screaming DANGER!


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    This is just a guess on my part, but I would not be concerned. Even if Gen III, comes out 2 years later, it will likely be only the 'sedan' version and not the SUV. I would think the smaller SUV version would be several more years down the road. Also depends on your needs, but likely the smaller SUV would not seat 7.

    I can barely wait for the X, waiting further for the Gen III would be torture. My husband has the S and just based on personalities, it would not work for me to have another all I can say is, Hurry, X! Hurry!!

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