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profiling my current driving patterns

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Are there any smartphone apps that track my gasoline_vehicle's current driving patterns,,,,and then determine if "range anxiety" is applicable to my driving patterns? For prospective customers, like me, this could calm our fears.

If not a smart phone app, then perhaps a device like Progressive Insurance's SNAPSHOT device.

This device/app could also calculate the R.O.I. on any electric car.


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    This will show you when (not if) "Range Anxiety" drops to about zero.

    If you plan on straying off the beaten path, you need to do a small amount of trip planning first. For most people, this will occur no more than a few times a year and should be no big deal.

    I know you're looking for something more complicated that this, but the reality is that the app would really just test:

    1. Do you live within range of the supercharger network?
    2. Do you regularly/frequently need to drive 200+ miles round-trip away from the supercharger network
    3. Do you regularly/frequently need to drive 200+ miles round-trip without being able to stop for more than an hour to charge?

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    Do you know how to use a pen and paper? Can you read? Do you know where to find your automobile's odometer? Can you do subtraction? Or alternately, can you operate a calculator?

    Before you leave the house in the morning write down the number showing on your odometer. When you get home at night write down the number again. Now subtract the first (morning) number from the second (evening) number.

    If this number is greater than 250 you are free to have range anxiety. Unless, of course, in the travels of your day there is an electrical outlet or some other kind of charge point that you stopped and spent some time near.

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