Could Old DC power pole systems be used to charge a EV

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I remember reading that the electric car super chargers depend on pumping DC power into the battery of the car at high voltages and that in to raise the speed of charging they would have to raise the voltage of DC power to pump into the car's batteries.

This made me wounder could this be a modern use for surviving DC power utility systems. Such as DC power was a special voltage used for motors and other power systems in buildings in cities in the 1930's and for streetcar lines. And in order for these systems to operate the power companies built special distribution circuits on their power poles to carry DC power directly to their customers. These DC systems operated at different DC voltages such as they had 400 and 600 volt systems and 1500 volt and even a few 3000 volt to 4000 volt systems running out there. A lot of these systems slowly died out as the streetcar systems and factories with the DC motors slowly died out but a few of them managed to hold on to hold on to life. And now the question is could tens of thousands of EV's flooding on to the world's highway systems be the answer that these endangered DC power systems need. In that think of level of power a 600 volt or 1500 volt DC power line could deliver to a supercharger. Or you could have hundreds of super chargers mounted at the bases of the power poles that these old DC power systems run though the city. If this could happen it could revolutionize bringing large amounts of DC power for fast charging to people who don't have access to a charger in their apartments. And it would help preserve and give a modern use for DC power transmission line systems.

Here is a photo of a 660 DC power line loaded with DC power.

600 Volt DC power line in Dayton Ohio

This is a live DC power line running though San Fransisco it could have the potential to have super chargers mounted to the base of the poles to feed electric cars.

Here are some DC lines in Pennsylvania


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    wow, thats some serious guage wire, scrap value alone would be huge
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    The DC power needs bigger cables then AC do to the flow of power's nature. Also the costs of the size of the wires was one of the reasons why Tesla set up building his AC system. DC is mainly used in batteries and for giant electric motors. The DC power systems that are still around today are for rare special power needs.
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    I doubt it since the Superchargers are AC to DC converters (the very same ones installed in the car as the single and "twin" chargers). That and they have all the "brains" that monitors and controls the flow of current into the battery metering it if it gets too hot and when the battery is nearing full.

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