Hyperloop Questions

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My name is Gerald Thomas. I have worked on the most complex transit vehicle in the history of man kind, the space shuttle, any mass transit product, needs to be designed around health and safety first. Are there ways to evacuate the vehicle in the event of an emergency? Can a disaster be averted if an earth quake compromises the track ahead. Can folks move around easily to extinguish a fire or suppress a would be terror attack. I'm sure the NTSB will have even more tough questions.

How does one go diarrhea on this thing. I didn't see any plans for on-board facilities in his sketches?


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    Check the General forum, Hyperloop threads are there. Nothing to do with Roadster.
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    This is not only a dumb question but also explains why the NASA program fell apart. If it is true that you use to work at NASA and the type of question you are asking explains why the NASA program costed so much. Please don't post any more comments in this forum, stick with a government forum where you can post these types of questions. Just glad no more tax dollars are spent on individuals that waste time and money thinking of these types of questions.
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