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What's the closest gas car?

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I was wondering what car(s) on the market comes closest to Tesla Model S when it comes to engine power and class?

I'm not interested in what cars are in the same price range as I am trying to figure out what a similar gas car would cost in Norway. Cars are taxed a lot on engine volume etc here, while electric is taxed very very beneficially.


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    Porsche Panamera would be my 2 cents
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    Depends if you are looking at a 60, 85 or p85.

    the Porsche is a good example, the Audi S7, the BMW 5-Series, the Jaguar XF, and the Mercedes S-class come to mind.
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    For my 60, after much driving experience from an enthisiast's perspective: a sport pack quipped MB E550. ( not the more buttoned down and sportier 550i)

    For the 85 P+, M5, probably.
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    IMHO Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide for similar looks and performance. BMW GT 550 and Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon for similar practicality and performance combo.
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    I'd say the closest are Audi A7, BMW 6 Gran Coupe, MB CLS 550.
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    Panamera Hybrid. They both share a similar low slung shape...they both plug into the wall..
    They have similar performance numbers until you get to high speeds where having an ICE is still king.
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    @huprice - those are the three I test drove to compare. I liked the MB the best of the three, none touched the model S of course.
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    Audi S8 in terms of weight, price, and performance specs... Of course I am comparing to P+85. Only main difference is AWD.
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    I was walking across the airport ramp with a new customer the other day (just met him at his plane and he had no way to know that I had a Tesla) and there was a Porsche Panamera parked on the ramp and as we walk by he says "Oh, a Tesla!", to which I corrected him and said, "no, that's a Porsche, but I have a Tesla"... friendship (and business) ensued. I think the Panamera looks a little nicer and more refined, but they do have very similar shapes. The 550i GT is like the ugly cousin to the MS, but the Aston Martin and Jag XF are pretty similar as well. They all have pretty similar power, depending on version, but I suspect the MS is closest in ride and handling to the Merc E & S Class... A little "softer" (and smoother) than the BMW/Jag/Porsche, etc.
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    Thanks everybody, interesting for a layman. :) To give you a comparison, here are some Norwegian prices:

    A <B>Porche Panamera GTS</B> (selected that as it als does 0-60 in 4,4, sec) starts at <B>$ 337,000</B> here, and that is base price with absolutely no extras selected.

    My <B>TMS 85P</B> costs me <B>$ 122,000</B>. And that is including extras like:

    - Panoramic roof
    - Tech package
    - Winter package
    - Sound studio package
    - Light package
    - Security package
    - Double charger

    Is there really a choice....?
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    Base price of an <B>Audi S8 4,0 TFSI 520 Hk quattro tiptronic</B> in Norway: <B>$ 318,000</B>

    Bae price for a <B>Audi S7 4,0 TFSI 420 Hk quattro S tronic</B> in Norway is: <B>$ 248,000</B>
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    Norway and Denmark will convert to the S in a tidal wave of change. The tax incentives are too compelling to ignore.
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    PS: Have used the conversion rate of $ 1 = NOK 5,50 and all prices are from the car dealers own websites in Norway.
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    TM will have a hard time keeping those markets supplied.
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