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Tesla just trademarked the Model E.

ASSUMING that this is Blue Star, it lets us in on part of Tesla's naming strategy:

If we look at the order of the English alphabet, letter X comes after S comes after E.

In terms of price, Model X is more expensive than Model S is more expensive than Model E.

So, the distance from the letter A actually describes how premium the vehicle actually is!

The question is, what will Model A cost?


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    That's some pretty wild speculation and, IMHO, quite a coincidence. It *could* also be "X" is short for cross-over, "S" is for sedan and "E" is for economy. In which case the letter describes the type of car rather than its cost. ;-)
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    I tend to agree more with GeekEV.

    However, I was expecting the Gen2 Blue Star to be "Model C" for compact.

    If Tesla is kind-of, sort-of, following Mercedes' naming convention, then the "Model E" might be the Executive version of the Model S for sale in China.
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    They might be fitting both criteria: A letter that relates to the car, and also that coheres with my (mostly not insane) theory.

    Of course, I could be wrong.
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    S............Sport Sedan
    E............Every day drive, Every person car, Economy, Efficient, Event, Enjoy, Executive(my personal
    favorite), Electric, and it's a long shot , but 'Elon' ( I doubt that one, not his style). Those are
    some of my guesses.
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    I suspect that scheduling applications have been integrated so that a driver can map out his/her route; and, they will get an idea of the best time to drive in for a recharge. Such an app would be updated during the trip. Such an app would reduce wait time.
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    @ GeekEV,

    I do hope it's not for "Economy", who wants a car called economy, lol!!
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    OP, your theory is based on wrong information, I'm not sure why nobody has corrected you yet. The Model X will be in the $40,000 range, which is cheaper than the Model S at $70,000. The E will be around $30,000. So in order of most expensive to least expensive, it goes S, X, E. So the distance from A does not have any correlation to cost, and the other theories proposed in this thread have a better chance of being right.
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    SEX sells... marketing term.
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    @RyanW1019; Model X is basically Model S with a bit bigger interior and higher ground clearance. There is no way it could be that cheap. You are probably facing same price range as Model S.

    You are probably confusing price of the Model X to it's signature version reservation payment which is $40k. That's not the full price of the car.
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    It even says that in Model X page <i>Deliveries will begin in 2014 and priced comparable to a similarly equipped Model S.</i>
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    E: End of ICE.
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    Add about 10% to the S prices for the X.
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