Tesla everywhere!

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I hope in the not so distant future we can have just about anything Tesla in terms of "vehicles":

- Can you imagine a stylish luxury RV where the entire roof is one giant solar panel? Perhaps enough to allow the RV to keep moving even though the battery power bank is completely depleted? And then... at the RV park, the solar roof continuously recharges the batteries during the day. Perhaps even some rolled retractable solar cells sunshades? I wish I was good enough at drawing to make my vision visible.

- How about an electric powered water craft like a "seadoo" or something way bigger like a Tesla yacht?

- Tesla electric bike? I'm thinking TRON like styling.

What else would be awesome if made by Tesla? ... EVERYTHING !


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    The Tesla Toaster? >;p
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    They are selling the apparels very well. Easy extension to shoes and other merchandizing.
    Tesla water, distilled by solar power. The logo would look good on bottles
    Robots, when I am very old, my dream is to posses two robots - R2D2 and C3PO. They can be Tesla or Apple made :-)
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    I know about the apparels. I went on a road trip 2 months ago to the nearest Tesla showroom (600km) in Toronto and bought a Tesla T. Everytime I wear it I feel like I'm a part of the momentum of the future.
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