Charging questions on Tesla vs. Chevy Volt

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since there is no search function on the site, i'm going to apologize in advance if this has been asked before and answered.

i have three questions on Tesla charging/supercharing.

Q1 - i currently have a 2011 Volt, are the charges compatible / the same on both cars?
Q2 - does tesla support chargepoint like Chevy does so i can transfer my account over if i but a tesla?
q3 - i currently have the 240v charging station at my house, will i be able to use this for the tesla, or do i have to pay $3k to replace it with the supercharger?

TIA for any information on this


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    1. Yes. Technically the "chargers" are onboard the car and what you use is a "connector". The Model S comes with a single charger good for up to 40amps which will cover most public level 2 charging stations. You can also add a second onboard charger which is called the "Twin Charger" for the ability to use high amp level 2 chargers up to 80amps which are not as common but charge much faster.

    Any direct DC charging completely bypasses the onboard chargers and goes straight to the battery. So far the only ones the Model S will work at are Tesla's own Superchargers that they are rolling out.

    The Model S also comes with a J1772 adapter that you can use when at public charger or if you've had one installed at your home. The UMC "Universal Mobile Connector" that comes with the car also comes with a couple of adapters to allow you to use some standard wall outlets. Other adapters are available as well in the online store ( or at a service center.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes, you will be able to use this with the Model S. The High Power Wall Connector or HPWC ( is an 80amp home connector that will require the the "Twin Charger" upgrade to the car. The Supercharger hardware is installed in every car and is included in the cost of the 85kW battery but costs $2000 (or $2500 after purchase of the car) to turn on in the 60kW model. This allows you to use Tesla's Supercharging Network.

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