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A Pair of X-Based Concepts

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At the beginning of July 2013 I manipulated a sideview Model X foto to see how it would look as a pickup, not thinking to check to see if anyone else had done anything similar until after I was done. Of course it's not exactly an original idea, but one of the two images I found was a crude hack job, and the other, while nicely executed, had an awkward, squared-off cab...

By the end of July I'd come up with a couple of other concepts for Tesla Motors, finding that I had become inspired to dust off my skills as a self-taught amateur automotive designer. I got back into sketching and did a few more image manipulations, now taking this X-based pickup much more seriously.


It has become apparent that trucks are part of Tesla Motors' future -- something I did not learn about until after conceiving these two vehicles. What better way to begin than by developing one based on an existing model? Lessons learned can be applied to the 'more serious' trucks of GenIV.

For obvious reasons I call this first concept 'XT'. It's a straightforward pickup conversion of the Model X, but with an optional foldaway hard tonneau and a retracting rear window, along with some other special features I can think of...

I've been sharing these images on Google Plus. One commenter asked about a four-door version, but I didn't like that idea. Instead I gave the 'XTX' a pair of falcon-wing doors:


...But then that same commenter wanted an additional 18" of bed length. Instead of telling him he could just use a bed extender I imagined a solution that I seem to have forgotten Toyota presented with their A-BAT concept truck a few years ago (which is an extension of what Chevrolet has done with the Avalanche), altered a bit to suit this utility coupe. I'd already figured its tonneau should be one-piece, and that it could slide into the same bulkhead that the rear window retracts into. The window has to tilt backward before sliding down, while the tonneau acts like a trunklid first. The trick for extra bed length is to fold that bulkhead down, along with the rear seatback.

Yes the interior would be exposed when the 'XTX' is in this open configuration, but the transformation is intended only for temporary use, as needed. Combine this capability with the falcon-wing doors and you have something quite unique.


While the 'XT' would be a great way for Tesla to ease into the truck market, the 'XTX' is way out there, creating an entirely new segment.

What do YOU think? Should either or both of these vehicles be suggested to Tesla Motors?



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