article giving tesla a Deutsche Bank rating of $35.00? What?

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This article earlier today claimed that Deutsche Bank assigned a target price of $35 to Tesla stock:

This other article went on to do the same, linking to the article above to substantiate itself:

I replied with the following comment:

"Grossly innacurate! Wake up! Deutsche Bank's price target is $160 for Tesla, with expectations that it could even double that price within the near future:

- August 22, 2013: $160.00

The day of your so-called rating quoted in your link above

- July 26, 2013... August 9, 2013: $160.00

Initial upgrade to $160 and reiteration on August 9th

Get yourself a cup of coffee..."

Am I missing something? I posted the comment, and it did not get posted. I posted it again and it did not get posted. Please visit the site and hold them accountable for what they are saying!!!!
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