Dallas Inspection, Opti Coat and Tinting Reco

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I just picked up my car and it's as fun and exhilarating as when I test drove it!

I need to get my inspection done. Are there any recos for where to go? I live in Dallas.

Also, I'm looking for a reco to get opti coat and tinting. Has anyone found a good place to go?

Thanks for your help and see you around town!


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    Anyone can inspect the car - some have reported going to a car dealership and they may give you a 2 year sticker. I went to a Kwik Kar and got a one year. Took 10min.
    Not sure about opticoat, but Speedshield in Addison has done several Teslas for wrap and tint, including mine: 469-522-7777 - ask for Trey.
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    Awesome- thanks for the info. Will go take care of this over the weekend!
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    Very smart move looking to have Opti-coat applied to your new car. When looking for a detailer, make sure you ask them if they apply opti-coat 2.0 or opti-coat pro. OCP is much harder than 2.0 and can only be acquired by APPROVED detailers, which is what you want. New Image Auto Detailing in Fort Worth is mobile and can set you up.
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    Nissan dealer will inspect and give you two year inspection for new car
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