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Family from Norway that would like to go electrical with Model X

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First of all I would like to say that I very much like your cars when it comes to design and technic.

No I just need to convince my wife. For here it is important to know how much room it is inside the car.

Can you share with us the inside with, depth and hight.

When will the 4x4 be available in Norway? End of 2014 or beginning of 2015?


Best regards


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    Hi Thomas,

    At Model X was on display at the Geneva Motor Show. My brother and I both went together by road (it was a long drive) to Geneva to see the Model X in person (+ all the other cars on display at the Geneva Motor Show). I did not measure the space inside the car, but I can tell you that there's a lot of space in there. Elon Musk compared the Model X with the Audi Q7. He said that in the Model X you can seat 7 adults AND still have a lot of space for luggage. And that is true. I personally think that the Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive option is the single best reason to choose the Model X instead of the Model S. But that's personal, you know.
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    If you're ordering now, and don't want to spend the money for a Signature, you should prepare yourself for 2015.

    I've got European reservation #453, and realistically I'm expecting a delivery late 2015.

    If you've seen the launch video you get a general idea of how many bags they were able to fit. Remember, there is no petrol tank, exhaust, transmission, etc, so the trunk is very deep. And then you have the frunk in addition.

    The Norwegian Tesla S forum's got a price comparison between a regular Toyota and a Tesla. The eight-year accrued cost goes in the Tesla's favor by a considerable margin.

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    Hi there,
    How about importing the model X from the US when it comes out there, instead of waiting til 2015 in Norway? Is there any complications in doing that?
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    Because it won't be available in the US until 2015?
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    I'd be surprised if any MX made it to the road in Norway before 2016, late 2015 maybe (Signatures).
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    With established infrastructure in Norway and EU and an established routine for EU-modifications I do not see why Tesla could not choose to introduce the Model X simultaneously in Europe.
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    I see your point Notre. Especially now that they have worked out the connection and other details on the S. There really isn't a reason why not. I still think they'll do just the US signatures in late 2014 though.
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    Shipping and other logistics still a bit of a hurdle!
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    I don't see any hurdles. What Tesla choose to do is another matter. They may have to take into account deadlines for EV incentives.

    Shipping slows delivery a few weeks. My MS took five weeks from Production Complete to delivery. How does that compare to the US?
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    Often down to under 5 weeks.
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    You don't say.
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    Notre: Actually some people have gotten vehicles very quickly (days) if they happen to order a car with colors/extras that happen to correspond to a car already produced/in production that someone has to delay taking because of travel plans/financing issues or completely walk away from for various reasons.
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    Thanks [email protected] Sure there are some logistics involved, but there's nothing stopping Tesla from (almost) simultaneously serving both the US and the markets overseas. Actually Tesla states "delivery starts late 2014" in Norwegian on their Norwegian Model X home page. That may be a direct translation of the US-page, but the corresponding Model S page says: "Delivery starts summer 2013".
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    At some point in the next year, I expect work on another production line to start. I think WW demand for S & X will rather quickly overwhelm 3-shift capacity on their single line!
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    The X will get to Europe faster than the S, but definitely not simultaneously. Tesla will still be a relatively small company and there are only so many man hours available to the staff.

    The S took a year. I would expect the X to take four to six months to cross the pond, starting almost certainly in Norway.
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    Norwegian authorities are likely to increase car taxes sharply in 2017 or when total 50,000 electiske cars on the road (approx. 15,000 per day). So Tesla, speed up development and production and you will sell a lot of TMX in Norway :)

    I couldn't wait for TMX, so my Model S P85 is soon approaching my garage :):)
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    "approx. 15,000 per day" What does that mean?
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    sorry .... today it's approximate 15.000 electrical cars on Norwegian roads ... when passing 50.000, the autorities may change the tax regime on el-cars
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