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    That's kind of a non-story but all auto makers would love to see double today's density in battery packs. Some work with battery manufacturers and test their next-gen cells out in their battery labs (GM has a big battery lab and has new cells in house from a few companies).

    I think GM could make a really cool Camaro electric vehicle for the "muscle heads" out there. I would like to see Ford make a full 120-150 mile Fusion EV. But what would sell the most (IMO) is a CUV with 150-180 mile range for suburban families who have multiple cars and could benefit from electric "soccer mom activities" travels. Perhaps GM will take double-density batteries, the Voltec design and make an Equinox with 100 mile AER and 40 mpg range extender. I'd buy that in a minute - price would be roughly $40K.
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