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"GM Takes on Tesla - and Just Might Win" and "VW Wants to Win With Electric Cars"



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    It's right there on the front page - 83 miles.
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    Ah right not sure how I could have missed it earlier.
    If I were in the market for one today I think the new Volt with 53 miles battery-only would be a better choice, or "soon" the Bolt or Model 3 of course! VW needs to deliver a much better product than this. The Budd-e looks promising, too bad it is only a concept.
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    It is impossible to measure benefits from Tesla opening its patents. Nobody will admit they've used others patents while promoting things of their own off course. And while I have no doubt in big car makers engineering teams' capabilities there are many others, - Chinese, Indians even Croatians, trying to jump on electric car bandwagon.

    I would not discount benefits for big car makers either however. There is always risk of picking up wrong direction and wasting many years. The benefits are clearly there, but there is always pride, prejudice, bureacratie, politics and what not. All those reasons that make big organizations incapable of innovation from within.
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    The Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, and Volkswagen Golf are all cars that sell in the range of 1,000,000 units per year worldwide. Of those, only the Corolla is not offered with a fully electric version. Please note that there is no Honda Civic or Chevrolet Cruze that is fully electric either. I applaud Ford and Volkswagen for at least making the attempt, even if in each case it was with a sub-100 mile range EV with a nigh 100% purchase penalty over the base ICE versions, and fast DC charging is 'optional'.
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    I have not seen the Focus EV, but I have seen and sat in a Golf-E and like Red Sage said, kudos to VW for creating it. Granted here in the states it is a compliance vehicle, but my kudos is for not making the car look outlandish. Just the blue "highlights" give away that there is something a bit different about the car. Certainly a helluva lot better than a BMW i3.
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