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Hi all experts.

I live in Perth, Australia. With thousands of people just using their vehicles to get to the closest train station or workplace most would only need about 100km of charge per day.
We have an urban speed limit of 50km/h and highways are 100km/h.

Is it impossible to build an entry level electric vehicle with air conditioner for around $15 000?

No frills, no fuss, just something like a Hyundai Getz.

Come on Tesla... We're talking about hundreds and thousands of vehicles.



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    I doubt Tesla would do such a vehicle even if it is possible.

    Lets do some math:

    15kW * 100km/h / 100km = 15kWh. $400 / kWh * 15kWh = $6000. Leaves $9000 for rest of the car. It's doable (without taxes), but it would be <u>very</u> entry level.

    However Tesla cars will have longer range. No point making car that can't reach even first SC in SC network.
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    Thank you for the reply Tim.

    Isn't something like this what the world needs?

    We need to show the world that Ev's could be a viable normal option vs just a luxury option.

    Here's hoping someone will take the initiative and start pushing hard for this. I wonder if it will be Japan again?

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    What's a Nissan Leaf cost? You will also have the Chevy Spark EV which is getting good reviews. The Spark EV will be coming out of Korea so what kind of price would that be in Oz?

    You realize a US-built car, like the Chevy Volt (35K USD for base) is like $70K Aus there, correct? Lot of taxation and other stuff going on for the import of cars. I suspect a Model-S will be $150K Aus?
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    @Vandownunder - the worst crime in business is to have a desirable product but no means to produce it. Even if technically possible Tesla is a young company and has only the means to make tens of thousand cars a year, not millions. Assume they have your wishful thinking car and you ordered one to be delivered around the year 2028.
    Chevy Spark EV is what you want... only price starts at $27k, but available 2014 and from a manufacturer that can deliver large number of cars.
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    The car the OP is asking for already exists... it is called a Golf Cart.
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    I understand that Tesla doesn't have the capacity for this yet... and how sad is the taxes for imports over here in Aus!

    It will take time for prices to come down significantly... but I'd love to have one now! :)
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    What you want is the thing I would like everybody to have, but which practically no-one has: a second single-person car that is made purely for commuting short distances. A cross between motorcycle and a car. If you make it two-seater arrange that in tandem instead of side-by-side.

    There is really no point going grocery shopping in two ton tank. A light, aerodynamic single-seater requires a lot less energy to go long distances and have good performance.

    Just recently new speed record for bicycles was broken: new record is 83.13mph. Think of it, that's <u>bicycle</u>. No motor at all. If the frame is light enough and aerodynamic enough even tiny motor/battery combo could give you really good performance and range.
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    If a no frills, small EV is what the world needs, why aren't there thousands of GEM and Zap cars on the road today? They were similar to what you say we need. Did you buy one?
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    There's a "small" industrial company called Mitsubishi that builds an battery electric called the I-Miev. It's very popular in Japan and in Europe under a different badge name.
    The car has been available in the US for a few years. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi provided minimal advertising in the US. and therefore sales were low. 2013 models not distributed in the US.
    I leased a 2012 model in February 2013 and it's a ball to drive. Range is quoted at 62 miles. This vehicle is perfect for those people with short commutes or to take to the store.
    Check out: "i miev forum".

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    @DarrellH, those are glorified golf carts. Nothing like what I'm talking about, and no-one wants one. You need real car performance and some sex appeal even for no frills small EV. Not nerdmobile.
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    So in other words, not a $15K car.
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    Zero Motorcycles Zero DS costs $13,995. There is no reason why "car" what I'm talking about would cost more. Actually probably less, because aerodynamic shape would allow larger range than that has, and that means 100 mile range battery would cost less.
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    The problem is that most people currently have an ICEV that COULD do far more than they need, to get to the train station or whatever, and they expect the cost. Similarly priced EVs will be limited in different ways in what they COULD do, and the advantages they have over ICEVs aren't 'emotionally' understood yet.

    Anyway, Tesla's wants to make a car that is better than an ICE car. And a car that other manufacturers aren't focussed on. The iMiev and Leaf are being made, so why not let them take that area do what they do for now.

    The iMiev is A$25k eg: The Leaf is A$39k, but I believe it's the 2012 model not the new 2013 recently released in Europe, so lower range. A long way from $15k. The Smart ForTwo is A$19k or

    There's certainly a place for these cars, and they'll come down in price over time. I don't think Tesla needs to be involved in these areas to push the industry forward.

    I'd like to find a good website that explains and discusses the advantages and problems of any EV vehicle. Preferably from Elon's perspective, as I have a great respect for it!
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    The perfect commuter EV was already created. It was called the Think City. Sadly Ford bought the company with the intention of stealing the patents and then scraping it. It is currently owned by a russian billionaire but they are not making new cars qany more. What makes the Think City the perfect commuter car is it's ABS exterior body panels. You can park this car anywhere and not worry about door dings, scratches, chips, or rust. You don't even have to ever wax it. I know of one Tesla S owner that also owns a Think City that he uses to go for groceries and run other short errands. I was able to get my Think City for $15,000 after incentives and it was the best purchase I have ever made. Even when I eventually get a Tesla I will keep my Think City as my Driveway car. The car I will use for all those short trips to dangerous parking lots.

    In my fantasy world Tesla would buy Think for pennys on the dollar and reopen the Elkhart, Indiana factory. For very little capital investment Tesla could add another model to their product line.
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    Think City was a extremely expensive glorified golf cart. For that price you can do better.
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    BTW, Think City did cost about 50000€ here in Finland. Still I managed to spot one of those in here. Must have been a billionaire with no care how much something costs.

    That's the cost of 60kWh Model S in US.

    $15k is cheap. How did you get one that cheap? For that price it could have been worth it. Maybe.
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    Timo. How many golf carts are highway legal, do 75 kph, have heat, ac, power windows and doors?
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    Http:// still has brand new 2011 Think City cars.

    As previously mentioned even if I owned a Tesla I would still own a think for shopping trips and as my driveway car. No way I would leave a Tesla out in the weather or park it between other cars.
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    Should have read 75 mph.
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