2008 Roadster for sale in San Diego-- 6600 miles

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We love this car, but we finally got our "s," so this toy has to go.. Comes with in home charging stations.. It has been garaged its whole life.. We will miss it dearly!
Please feel free to call or text with any questions..
760 846 1610


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    Hi Jon,
    Just a couple of questions.
    I too have a Roadster 2010 and I am considering selling mine or trading it in on a Tesla Model X in 2014.
    Its my understanding Tesla is taking trade-ins from Roadster owners and a corporate Tesla rep. stated that the Houston Service Center would perform the appraisal for my location.
    Is this UR understanding? Have U had an appraisal by Tesla?
    Do U consider it to be a fair appraisal if so?
    Does the fact that UR Roadster cannot use the SuperCharger Stations,thus limiting UR ability to travel and charge freely (Range Anxiety) enter into UR decision to sell or trade up to the ModelS ?
    Do U feel this charging restriction will hurt the value of UR Roadster ?
    I'm truly interested in UR experience and opinion for it will help me in 2014 as I move to the Model X.
    Richard #1125
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